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My Dream - S01 E03 (Story Episode)

My Dream - S01  E03 (Story Episode)

Read Story : SEASON 1 EPISODE 3

I followed my mother’s advise, i abandoned my old life and decided to live a good life.

So i decided to look for a job,after searching i found one.i was employed by a soap making company who paid me peanut(the money is not even enough to oay my fees talkless of other expenses) but i dont habe a choice than to accept the little they offered me…

I only work during weekdays,so i alyways hang out and play ball with my friends wey dey for street for weekends but i no dey follow them do their parol like before but i dey do am sometimes sha(u can take the boy away frm the street but the street can never leave the boy)…

Since the money i earn is not enough to pay my fees,i decided to leave school and concentrate on my job and also enroll for football training…

Thing are going well until one monday morning when i met one man…the man came to our area in the morning,immediately the boys saw his car they have been following him all around with the intention of stealing from him as they no say e go get money wella cuz na big man he be…as i pass the man side as i dey go to work,he stopped me and was asking for direction since he did not know anywhere for my area….as i was discribing where he was going for him,na so one boy just steal the man wallet,i ran after the boy and retrieved the man wallet and return it to the man…..he thanked me,he con open his wallet say he wan give me money,as e open am na hin i see money with high denomination and foreign currency(i con dey blame myself say why i return the wallet sef)…..he sha gave me 5k,as he was about to enter into his car he asked me why i was not in school and i told him why,then he said i should take him to my mother………….


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