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My Dream - S01 E01 (Story Episode)

My Dream - S01  E01 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

I woke up in our kiosk called room.i look beside me and i saw my mother still sleeping.

i took my bath and i wan enter street go hustle for me and my mother since today na saturday school no dey,make i street before people go plenty for street.

Make i introduce my self.

My name is frank,i live in the city of lagos with my poor mother.am 15 years old,lost his father at the age of 5.ko father was a rich farmer,he had a lot of properties but all was shared among his greedy family members,they didnt give any of it to me and my mother.

we were sent packing from my fathers house at VI,we had nowhere to stay,so we began to live in the street of lagos…

i ddy do menial job and i dey pick pocket once in a while.my mother dey work for one local canteen like that.i dey SS2,no be everyday i day i dey school because i need to work to support my mum….

relax and enjoy this intresting story.


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