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My Dream - S01 E04 (Story Episode)

My Dream - S01  E04 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 4

He said i should take him to my mother,he told me to enter inside his car so he could drive to where my mother works…..

After driving for like 15 munutes,we got to the local canteen where my mother work…is this where your mother work,he asked,i didnt even answer him as i ran to the backyard call my mother…

when she saw me,she was suprised,she asked why am not at work and i told her someone wanted to see her.together we came to meet the man outside….

Mama:good morning sir

Man:(suprised)mary is this you

Mama:sorry pls i dont know u and how did u know my name?

Man:mary,so you dont remember me,Femi Ayodele

Mama:OMG!!! Is this you,how have u been and how is your husband,is this your son

Mama:am fine,and this is frank my son

Man:what about your husband

Mama:he died about 10years ago

Man:oh,sorry about that,so why are u working here and why not your husband company and why is frank not in school?
Mama:wo femi,it is a very long story

Man:then cut it short…firstly let go to your house so we can talk better

Frank:our house???

Man:yes any problem


Man:(opens the car door)come in let me drive to your house…..

We left the canteen and drove to our house.when we got our kiosk,my mom told him to park the car.i got down from the car and open the door…immediately he came down and saw me entering the kiosk,”is this where u live” he asked my mother and she said yes…..

When we got inside,we sat on the mat and my mother told him our story he promised to help us in anyway he can…

Man:i have a two bedroom flat at ikeja,u and your son will not sleep this place tonight,am taking you there right now…..

Mom:(crying)thank u femi
Man:u will enroll your son in a good school,and i will get u a better job,i will like frank to be living with me,he is a good boy and let me say i will take him as my son beacause i dont have a son…

Mama:femi,i dont know how to thank you……

Later in the day,we packed to our new house,and mr femi promised to come and pick me the following week…



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