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My Dream - S01 E05 (Story Episode)

My Dream - S01  E05 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 5

Imagine what happened,our story has changed and our suffering has ended within 24hours,the man promised to come back me very soon,i cant wait to start living with him and also to start,’ school…

The man came as promised the following week,before he came,i have been anticipating to see him…when he arrived,i pack my lauguages into the car trunk and we left but not after my mother adving me….
we drove in silence untill we got to their estate,he honked and the gate-kepper opened the giant gate and we drove into estate…after driving for another 5 mins,he honked twice in front of one brown gate and it opened…after parking the car,i got down and behold,the largest residential building i have ever seen…

will you just stand there or u are coming inside,i quickly recomposed myself and followed him….when we got inside,it was as if i am in paradise,it is the most buetiful setting i’ve ever seen…he showed me my room and said i will be starting school the following…..

later in the evening around 5pm,his children came back from school,they are twins(jane and joan),as their dad was doing the introducting,i noticed they were forming for me,trying not to talk to me and they are not happy to see me,but i dont care,i no send them….

The next day,he took me to j
hos daughters school and registered me………..


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