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My Dream - S01 E06 (Story Episode)

My Dream - S01  E06 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 6

After enroling me in an expensive school,i was happy that i will going back to school.the principal told me to resume on monday since it is friday…on our way home,he took me to a boutique and he bought expensive and designer cloth and footwear for me,i was happy(cant believe i will still wear designer cloth in my life we got home,he introduced me to monday the gateman and anita the maid,i became friends with monday immediately….we went inside and ate our lunch,after lunch mr femi said he is going out that i should feel at home and i should not go out since am still new in the estate….after he left i went out to meet moday and we were gisting until we heard someone honking at the gate,monday went to open the gate and the driver who went to pick the twins drove into the compound…imediately he park the car the two spoilt girl got down from the car and went inside without greeting anyone…

monday:see them,they no fit greet,idiots.

Teo(driver):no mind them,they don spoil finish,see as them dey yab me as we dey inside car,e be like say make i slap them.

Me:no mind rich pikin,them no get respect.

we continue gisting,from one topic to another talking like agemates(both are older than me)i was outside until mr femi came back from where he went to,he asked me while am still outside and i told him i am just relaxing outside….

we went inside together and we had dinner with his daughters after dinner he told his daughter that they should take me as their brother since am now living with them…..

on monday,we went to school in,””” the same car with monday behind the wheels and gisting all through…when we got to school,i went to the principal’s office cuz he told me i will write entrance exam to determine my class..in the end,i was in sha the same class with the twins and some other rich and proud kids…we started class and teachers started coming in,i sat in a corner so most teacher did not notice me untill the english teacher came in and spotted me

teacher:young lad,who are u

me:(see mumu question)am a new student ma

teacher:mr new student,are u daft,i mean what is your name
(the whole class roared with laughter,i was furious but i kept my cool)

me:my name is frank ma

(another round of laughter erupted from the student)

me:no ma,it frank not frankay

teacher:ok plank or whatever you call yourself,where are u from


teacher:idiot,i mean your former school

me:hmmmm,ajegunle grammer school

teacher:i see,no wonder u are a fooo
(This time around the whole class was laughing real hard)
She later asked me to sit down,i was ashamed of myself and felt bad for the first time in my life…….

Not long after we were dismissed and we went home,i was quiet through our ride home with the two fool laughing at the backseat,tio tried talking to me but layer ignored me when he noticed that am not in mood to talk…
When we got home,i went straight to my room and did not come out for the rest of the day….


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