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My Dream - S01 E07 (Story Episode)

My Dream - S01  E07 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 7

When mr femi came later in he came to knock on my door when the maid told him that i did not eat my food,je asked me why u did not eat and i told him that i am not hungry and that i had taken cornflakes in the evening(i lied),he asked about school and i told him it was fine and i enjoyed it.he bade me goodnight and he went to his room after talking with his daughters in their room……

The next day which was tuesday i dont feel like going to school because of the experience i had on monday,but i had to….

i reluctantly got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast(bread,tea and egg),they con put four slice of bread my plate,but i sha manage sha…after breakfast we left for school,on the Tio asked me why i was moody yesterday,i told him i will explain to him when i get back from school but he said i should use pidgin that the two fools at the back cant understand….i explained everything to him,he felt sorry for me and he said i will soon get use to it….

After some minutes we got to school,i got down and went to my class,i didnt even join them for assembly….on getting to the class,i met a guy on my seat busy writing notes.when he saw me,he greeted me and introduced himself as jabin,he was my seat-mate so we became friends….not long after,the student all left the assembly and my classmates entered the class after the mathematics teacher(miss catherine) entered the,maths went smoothly and the teacher is a genius,i love the way she explain and teaches……

After maths,the english teacher came into the class and gave us class work,she told me to collect the notes and bring it to her office when everybody us through and she left the class……

After english they rang the bell for break and everybody left the class to the school cafeteria but i remained in the class untill when a girl(sport prefect) came to meet me,she introduced herself as tonia…as she was talking her boobs were bouncing graciously and waving at me,she went to her seat,carried her bag and she left the class….i brought out my english note and started doing my assignment because i dont want that woman to disgrace me again.i was engrossed with what i am writing that i did not knw a teacher was standing before me untill he tapped me in order to gain my attention.
Teacher:what are u doing in class when the rest are training
Me:sir i dont knw where the rest went to,i am a new student sir

Teacher:ok follow me let go to the hall

I followed him to one large hall filled with student with different team wear

Teacher:what spory are u good at


Teacher:ok,we have a total of 40 football teams in the school,20 for junior league and 20 for senior league.so u will pick a paper to know the team in which you belong
(He brought out one bowl containing pieces of paper,and i choose one)

Teacher:open it
I opened the paper and showed it to him

Teacher:u choose Argon fc,the last team on the table and can be relegated if they dont win their remaining match.

Me:so i choose a bad team

Teacher:follow me
(i followed him to the podium)

Teacher:hello every one we have a new guy here and he will be playing for Argon fc,he then told me to go and join a group of student wearing yellow short and grey shirt…
after that,he instructed everybody to go to their coachs for training…..


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