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My Dream - S01 E08 (Story Episode)

My Dream - S01  E08 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 8

I went to the training ground meant for my team,the coach introduced me to my team-mates and told me the main objective of the team is to escape relegation…..

After the training the coach dismissed us and i went to the class..

as i stepped into the class,they all started laughing and calling my team a losing team….A boy sitting beside the stupid twins and said “hey mr frank,sorry but your will be relegated and i will be very happy to score and contribute to your downfall”…the whole class started laughing again,i ignored them and went to my seat…i later got to know that the boy(mount) plays for vanadium cf and he is one of the player in the school…we went home after the day activities when we got,i took my bath and was watching football until the two fool came,they took the remote and changed the channel,i left the sitting room for my room..

I came downstairs for dinner,i met their dad,we ate together and after we were done eating,he said he will be travelling the following and he will be away for three weeks that we should take care of the house,he gave the three of us an envelope each…when i got to my room,iopened the envelope and met 30k inside,i was very happy….

Finally,friday came (the day for the match),my team is playing against vanadium cf..when i got to school,the caoch came and gave me my kit with my name and jersey number 7,when he left,mount said i shoupd get ready to taste my first defeat….by 9am,the bell was rang for the match build-up,i went to join my team and the coach explained the tatics and said i will not the game that i will be a substitute….

By 11am,the game started………


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