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My Dream - S01 E09 (Story Episode)

My Dream - S01  E09 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 9

I sat on the bench and watched as my teamates lined up to recite the school and national anthem……

The refree signalled the start of the game,vanadium fc are to pass first,they passed and launched a suprised foward attack to their striker(mount) which caught our defenders unaware,mount dribbled past the goalkeeper and fired into the net scoring the first goal of the game in two minutes…..i was dissapointed with my team conceeding in the 2nd minute of the game…the game continued with vanadiuk fc dominating and dictating the pace of the game…halfway into the first half,one of our defender was sent off after a foul on mount in the penalty box,mount doubled the lead by scoring a spot kick(penalty)….the match continued miserably for my team until the refree blew the whistle for the end of the first half….we all went to the dressing room to discuss about our plans for the second half,the coach blamed it on poor attacking threat and defence,he went on to analyse how we will play the second half..

The second half started with our morale high,we improved our style of play,the coach substitute me in the 69th mins to play in the right wing,everything changed as i was brought in,our attacking prowess increased and i scored the first goal in the 81st mins by converting a cross from the left flank into the net…the game continued and i scored a direct free kick in the 90th mins…the third official added 5 more mins to the game…i recieved a long pass from the defence,moves foward and dribbled the defenders and pass to karim who fired it home…the whole field erupted with joy and noise,we were very happy,the refree blew the final whistle and our supporters ran to hug us,i was celebrated and praised by our coach…..we left the pitch for the dressing room to change,i went to the class when i finish dressing,when i entered the class,all eyes were on me…after closing i did not follow the twins home,i went out to chill with my teamates….


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