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My Dream - S01 E10 (Story Episode)

My Dream - S01  E10 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 10

When i got home,i met the house in disorder,they threw a party and invited their friends and the boyfriends,they were drinking and some guys were even smoking and some were making out…i went to my room and changed my cloth,i left the house and went back to ajegunle to greet my guys,i have not seen them since i left the area,they were happy to see me,we played and talked about old times,when i was about leaving,i gave them 10k to share,they were happy and they shared the money immediately….i flagged down bike and took it to the estate gate,i walked down the street to our house,i knocked on the gate and the gate man opened the gate for me,when i got in,i saw mount and one other boy in our school which i later learnt his name was abraham coming out with the twins,i just walked past them like they never existed…when o got inside,everywhere was a mess,no be my business sha anita go clean am,i just waka go crash for my room…….

The next morning,i woke up late,am so tired to stand up,i lay lazily on my bed,enjoying the it comfort…i rose up about an hour later to do my morning routine,took my bath and went downstairs to grab something to eat,on my way to the kitchen,i heard some people laughing and discussing in the sitting room,i peeped and i saw some of the girls in our class and some others that i did not know,they were discussing and playing together with the twins,i took oat in the kitchen and went back to my room to take a nap,i was enjoying my nap until someone knocked on my door,i didnt answer at first but when the person did not stop,i opened the door to see anita at the door,she said dinner is ready that my food is on the dining table,i was suprised that i’ve slept for so long…i went down to eat but i took my food to my room when i met the to idiot eating on the table,i took my food to my room and i returned the plate to the kitchen after eating,i went back to my room and slept off…the rest of the weekend is uneventful………….


Fast foward to monday morning…………….

I woke up a bit late on monday morning,Tio had already taken the twins to school,i rushed to the bathroom,i took my bath,got dressed and i took a cab to school…the first period is already on when i got to school,i entered the class and i saw the english teacher lecturing,i took permisson and went to my seat,i was suprised that she did not say anything,she was just looking at me me,i went to my seat and sat down to listen the what the english teacher was saying,i noticed she was looking at me and i caught her twice,i just smiled to myself.. she left when she was through with the lecture…..the biology teacher (mrs ella,a married woman) came to the class,she gave us some work to do and she said i should bring it during break when everybody is through with it…i ask everybody to submit during break,i took the book to her office but as i got to her door……



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