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My Dream - S01 E11 (Story Episode)

My Dream - S01  E11 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 11

By: Stonez

As i stand in front of her office,i started hearing moaning sound,i peeped through the keyhole but i could not see anything,i knocked and she did not respond,i kept knocking untill she open up

Teacher:come in,sorry i was in the toilet,how long have u been knocking

Me:about five minutes now
(She was shocked when i said that)

I went inside and dropped the assignment on her table,as i was about leaving,shd pulled me back into a kiss,i was shocked at first,but as a street guy,i responded to the kiss and started using my hand to perform miracles on her big butt,i pulled away when i saw that she is not gonna stop,she tried to pull me back but i resisted and i dipped my hand into her skirt (she did not even wear pant) while sucking her breast,her moans filled the whole room and i inserted two of my finger inside her pu**y,she screamed as o----m hit her,she started convulsing real hard,i watched in amazement as she pulled took her skirt off,showing me a neatly shaved V-shape pu$$y,i set my mamba who is about to break free,she was shocked when she saw my 8 inches fat mamba,from the expression she wore on her face,i need nobody to tell me that she love what she saw,i set to work i bend her over and entered from the back in a doggy style,i started thrusting deep,immediately she started begging,crying in oain and pleasure,i changed position after 20 mins,she was already screaming my name,”am cumming” she said,i also start to feel my pour building up,i increased my pace and slammed deep into her as we both released together…

Teacher:i love you,she said after kissing me

Me:i love you too

Teacher:promise me i will be the only one f-----g your d--k,i cant share you with anybody..

I left her office after cleaning up,i got to the class and pack my books since we’ve closed,the twins have even gone home,i took my bag and left the class,on my way i met her,she was dressed as if nothing happened,no one will believe she just had sex,she offered me a ride,i wanted to decline but when i remembered those angelic boobs,we drove in silence as if nothing happened,when i got to front of our estate,as i was about to get down,she pulled me back and said “wont u give me a goodnight kiss my love”…..i kissed her and she drove,i was thinking about everything that happened as walk to the house…when i got home,i met anita at the gate with Tio,i greeted them and went straight to my room ignoring jane who was watching tv in the sitting room,i slept off immediately……..

By: Stonez


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