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My Dream - S01 E12 (Story Episode)

My Dream - S01  E12 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 12

By: Stonez

i woke up later in the evening,i sat on my bed and started thinking about what happened,why i had sex with my teacher despite the fact that i knew she is married,i was lost in my thought until someone knocked on my door,i jolted out my thought and went open the door only to see jane at the door,she told me that her father is back and that he want to see me downstairs,i told her i will be there in a jiffy…

i wore my cloth and went to meet him downstairs,i greeted him,ask how his journey was,he gave me a bag and said it is for me that he got it for me,i thanked him he ask about school and how we were faring while he was away,we talked about other things and left for my room,when i opened the beg i saw a brand new I-PHONE 12,A NEW PAIR OF SHOE,A NEW TROUSER AND, A CUSTOMOZED SHIRT WITH THE WORD “HAPPY FAMILY” BOLDLY WRITTEN AT THE FRONT AND MY NAME AT THE BACK……

I was suprised when i saw the phone,i was still admring the phone when my old phone started ringing,i did not want to answer at first cause it was an unknown number number but i answered it the second time it rang,i was suprised when i got to know it was mrs ella,she thanked me for the sexvice and she said she will be expecting more of it,o was shocked when i dropped the call,i started regreting what i did,i was still blaming my self when anita came to call me that dinner is served,i went downstairs and met the twin pressing their phone which i got to know it is also a new I-PHONE 12,their father told them to eat their food,after eating i thanked him for the phone,the twins were suprised when they heard that he also bought phone for me,he said his friend invited us for lunch on sunday and we will be wearing the cloth he got for everyone,he told us to prepare that we will going after church on sunday ……..

I slept off immediately i got to my room,i woke up the next day,took my bath and i got dressed for school,i was gisting with Tio on the way to school…we joined the assembly and did the normal assembly stuff,the head coach step on the podium to announce the fixtures,my team will play germanium cf(abraham’s team),the top on the table and the school cup defending champion,he dismissed us after his announcement…….

I went to the class to prepare for our first lecture which was english,but the biology teacher walked into the class to tell us we will be doing biology instead english,she lectured us for about an hour and she asked us to submit our note and i should bring it to her office,i collected everybody’s note and left for her office,i knocked and she asked me to come in,i dropped the note and was about leaving but she called me back and she ask me to sit down,she went ahead to talk about the sex we had the day before and threaten to with anyone that want to snatch me from her,she went to lock the door and strip naked before me but i managed to resist the temptation and i left the her office,i was thinking about what just happened that i did not know when i bumped into the principal…….


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