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My Dream - S01 E13 (Story Episode)

My Dream - S01  E13 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 13

I bumped into the principal (Mrs Ray),her bag and car key fell on the floor,obviously she was going out of the she barked at me as i bent to pick up the key and her bag,she was so annoyed,she ask what i was doing outside when a teacher is in my class,she told me to see her during break ……..

I went back to the class and i saw a guy on my seat discussing with jabin(my seatmate),the guy begged me to manage his seat that they were talk about something important(tatics),i just went to his seat and sat down beside the girl on his seat,she was so engrossed with what she was doing that she did not notice me untill she wanted to collect pencil from jabin(she actually thought it was jabin seating beside her)….when she saw that i was the one,she just said hello and she continued with what she was doing…i studied her wella and i notice she is not that bad,i decided to strike up a conversation with her

Me:hey pretty
(She faced my direction)

Me:how are u

Girl:am fine

Me:your name


Me:am Frank

Kate:everyone in this class knows your name
(I just smiled)

Me:anyways u look pretty in those(pointing to her glasses)

Kate:(blushing)thank you
I continued my discussion with the girl until they ramg the bell for break,i told her we will talk later and i left the class for my team traning ground. I was the first to get there,i changed to my training kit and i rushed to the cafeteria to get something to eat…immediately i stepped into the cafe,i saw the twins sitting with mount and abraham on the same table,they were eating and discussing…i just went in and place my order,collected my food and was about leaving when i saw the four of the laughing when they looked at my direction and abraham saying ” i’m gonna kick his ass” …i pretended as if i did not hear them,if they knw say na me he dey follow talk make he con meet me…

I went back to the training ground,i meet some of my team-mates,we gisted and ate together until the coach came,we started the training,did some warm-up and individual training…by the time we finished,i was closing time already,i was so tired that i did not go to see the principal again,i could not even wait for Tio,i just board a bike home….

When i got home,i took rice and went to bed straight,i woke up later in the night around 9pm,i was hungry so i decided to go and get something to eat,as i passed through anita’s room,i was hearing moaning sound but i am not sure cuz the hunger is already affecting my ear,so i went to kitchen,ate the food i saw….as i reached anita’s door,i peeped and i saw anita naked and she was servicing herself,when she opened her eyes,she saw me but could not stop as she was already cumming….i closed the door jejely and went back to my room….


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