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My Dream - S01 E14 (Story Episode)

My Dream - S01  E14 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 14

I woke up the next day which was friday,did my normals and went downstairs for breakfast…

Anita was setting the table when i got down,she greeted me shyly cuz of what happened last night,i just smiled and sat down to eat my food.i know i will get inbetween her skirt very soon…..

we left for school,joined the assembly when we got to school,did the normal assembly routine,we were about leaving for our classes when the principal stepped unto the podium,everywhere became silent and she started talking

pricipal:good morning students,it came to my notice that some student are always wandering round the school when lecture is ongoing in their class.i caught a student yesterday,he even bumped into me and refused to see me in my office as i ordered him to….let this be a warning to you all and the culprit should see me in my office immediately after the assembly..

she concluded and left the assembly and i followed her immedietely

I knocked on her door and i went in,i greeted her but she didnt respond,she told me i am to be in detention for the whole of the following week and i am to report to her office before going to the detention room… i left her office and went to join my team,we trained together before the game cuz we will be playing against a strong team,the best in the school..

I changed to my jersey and we went to the pitch,we were even late,everybody was waiting for us..My coach apologise to the official and Abraham and I stepped foward for the tossing of the coin.. .

They were to pass first,i saw the twin smiling and waving to abraham,the refree blew his whistle and the game began.
The first 20mins of the game,we did not play well in order to study their game plan and it worked,we started playing well after 20 mins,we outplayed them but all our effort to score failed..as luck will go against Argon,abraham played out a corner kick and Sam accidentally head the ball into our net giving them a crucial first half win…..

We resumed the game with a renewed hope,i netted an equalizer in the 56th mins when i converted a bicycle kick into the net..the whole stadium erupted with joy,the game continued and i sealed the win for my team when i headed a corner kick home.the whole stadium erupted with joy as people started shouting our names.the refree blew the final whistle and our fans ran into the pitch,i was carried /held high by my teamates,the coach was impressed that he hugged me,i went over to where Abraham was and shaked him,he really tried but luck was not on their side……. .


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