Waploaded's BBcodes Text Formating

Introducing a new way for you to interact via the site with lovely text formating with good examples, This will help you make characters bold, insert images, links and other vital information to your post, the below simple codes will help you achieve this.

Replace Your Text, Your Image Link etc., appropriately as seen below.

Basic BBcodes Text Formating

To Display Bold Text
[b]Your text[/b] will output Your text
To Display Underlined Text
[u]Your text[/u] will output Your text
Simple Tip
You can use two or more BBcodes together, in this case all BBcodes inside another must close before the opening BBcode Closes.
[b][u]Your Text[/u][/b] will output Your Text,
To Display Italic Text
[i]Your text[/i] will output Your text
To Display Strike Through Text
[s]text[/s] will output text
To Display Line Break
[br] will output Next text in the next line, You could also use the conventional "Enter Key" For line Break.
Display Anything in Center
[center]Your text[/center] will output your text at the center of the page.
Note: [left] & [right] BBcodes are not available, See Advance BBcodes to learn how to align text to Left or Right
Display Paragraphed Text
[p]Your text[/p] will output Your Text in paragraphed form
Display Link
[url]http://www.waploaded.com[/url] will output http://www.waploaded.com
Note: "http://" Must Prefix every link.
Display Image
[img]image link[/img] will output your image
Note: Image must be in either jpg, png or gif extension and the link must contain http://
Example of image link:
Quote Text
[quote]Your text[/quote] will output
Your text
Insert eMail with link
[mail][email protected][/mail] will output [email protected]
Note: When email is clicked, it pops out a mail client.

Advance BBcodes Text Formating

Display Text with Size
[size=20]Your text[/size] will output Your text
Note: Size permissible is from 8 - 30
Display Text with Color
[color=red]Your text[/color] will output Your text
Note: the color name is Case Sensitive, and red can be replaced with yellow, blue etc, but be mindful that it matches the background of our site, you can as well use Color Codes for more colors.
Display Link with button
[l=http://waploaded.com]We are Loaded[/l] will output
Note: This is to be used for download link reasons alone
Display Text with Nice font
[font=jubilat]Your text[/font] will output "jubilat Font"
Example: Your text
Note: You can browse different types of font Here
Display Text aligned
[align=left]Your text[/align] will output text aligned to left, you can aswell replace left with "right or center"
Display Mail with Title
[[email protected]]Waploaded Mail[/mail] will output Waploaded mail
Display link with title
[url=http://www.waploaded.com]Waploaded Sitmaiurl] will output Waploaded Site
Display Image with Specifications
[img height=80 width=60]image-link[/img] will output and image with height and width of 80 and 60 pixels
Note: "Image-link" starts with "http://" and ends with either "jpg, png, gif".
Display Youtube Video + Download Link
[youtube]Video-id[/youtube] will output youtube's iframe and a download link to the video
Note: Video-id is the 11 Digit code seen in the Url of the video
Example: The Blue colored text is the video-id
1. https://youtu.be/MtpJ0v6eCrE
2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtpJ0v6eCrE
Insert PHP snippets
[php]Your Php Codes[/php] will output Highlighted Php codes
Note: This is for developers only
List Contents
[li]Content 1[/li]
[li]Content 2[/li]
will output Button listing of the contents
Note: [li] BBcode can not be used alone

Other BBcodes Text Formating

Insert item head
[H]Your Text[/H] will output
Your Text

Note: This is used for creating heading
Insert Share button
[share] will output Facebook & twitter Share button
Insert Navigation link
[next]Link-to-next[/next] or [prev]link-to-prev[/prev] will output Navigation link
Note: This is for only forum topic staffs
Quote a user
[quote=SunnEx]Waploaded is in my blood[/quote] will output
SunnEx wrote:
Waploaded is in my blood
Insert Streaming + Download of Audio
[play=link-to-music] will output a play button + download link will output

[ Download Track Here ]
Example of Link: http://www.waploaded.com/music/timaya-i-concur-ft-donjazzy-f8578
Note: Link must be to Music file on Waploaded.com only else it wont download.
Insert Google Video player
[gvideo]Video-id[/gvideo] will output google video player
Note: Replace "Video-id" with the Google video's Id.
BBcodes applies to every posting section of Waploaded.com, be it forum, video, music, Private messaging and others, irrelevant use of this BBcodes may attract banning (unable to further access the site).
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