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UN Mayor of Peace, Don Lulu advocates for peace in Abia

UN Mayor of Peace, Don Lulu advocates for peace in Abia
A United Nations mayor of peace (UnMoP), Mr. Lucky Martins Igbokwe, popularly known as Don Lulu, has spoken on the ongoing political confusion in Abia State, advising the two political gladiators claiming governorship of the state to tow the path of peace and allow the law take its course.

Addressing the press at his office at Ikeja, Lagos, the entertainment guru and president of 2flame entertainment ltd, said what was happening in the state had only exposed the level of political awareness of the average Abian and stressed that time had gone when politicians got away with just any form of behaviour.

The multiple entertainment award winner, also a political stakeholder in Abia state and the PDP, counselled both Uche Ogar and the incumbent Governor Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu to embrace peace, while trying to come out victorious.

He noted that “the ambition of anbody is not worth the blood of any Abian” and that if they truly love Abia and Abians as they claimed, the duo should ensure that they follow the path of justice and peace while fighting for the control of the state.

Mr. Igbokwe who said he won’t be commenting on the legal battle which has kept Abia in the news of recent as it will amount to being pre-Judicial, however, said that what was happening in Abia “is not strange as great democracies across the globe passed through similar experience before coming out strong.”

Don Lulu charged all the political warriors in the state to ensure that they adhered to judicial pronouncements and “obey the rule of law where it applies and also ensure that their supporters comport themselves in an orderly manner that will not cause a breach of the peace in the state.”

He recognized that “Abians are peace loving people whose only interest is to be allowed to go about their legal businesses” and tasked government to provide the enabling environment for an average Abian to go about his daily activities unmolested.

Speaking further, Mr. Lucky Igbokwe said the utterances and behaviors of some Abia politicians in the ongoing political impasse in the state is to say the least very disappointing.

He advised them to remember that “some day the matter will come to an end and not minding the side the judgment goes Abia as a state will come out of it stronger”

Continuing, Don Lulu added: “I call on Dr. Ikpeazu the governor of Abia state to ensure that Abia does not degenerate into anarchy. He should not to victimise any Abian because of his political belief and association.

“He should follow the peaceful footsteps of his predecessor Chief T.A Orji (Ochendo) who brought together all the political stakeholders in Abia state under one umbrella including those who fought against him.”

“Both Ikpeazu and Ogah are of the PDP family and once there is disagreements amongst family members, stakeholders should look for a way to resolve it for the family to move forward.

“All the warring parties should remember that power is of God and He (God) anoints whom he chooses.”


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