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Remy Ma Just Bodied Nicki Minaj & The Whole Internet Is Here For It

Remy Ma Just Bodied Nicki Minaj & The Whole Internet Is Here For It
Easy going day, and we’re minding our business when all of a sudden, we hear Remy Ma (who has a yet to be released song with Tiwa Savage) released a diss track against Nicki Minaj.

All good… but then we listen to it and we’re completely floored.

I mean Remy completely bodied Nicki Minaj. For 6 whole minutes she went in on Nicki, her booty falling for 3 weeks, her support of her pedophile brother, her not so sensible record deal, STDs, having relations with Drake, Trey Songz, Lil Wayne and all kinds of everybody. I mean, you just have to get a whiff of it.

Nicki hasn’t given an official response yet, but we’re not so sure she can come back with anything harder than this. So far all she’s done is put out a few instagram pics and tweet at Trey Songz (which she deleted).

Meanwhile, the whole internet is here for this.

Here’s the reactions we’ve seen so far… and there’s a whole lot more.

@NICKIMINAJ you need to be mad at Remy Nicki. ?

— Trey Songz (@TreySongz) February 25, 2017

@NICKIMINAJ I didn't post anything indirect. I gathered a understanding of events and then spoke my piece. You just mad. I still love you

— Trey Songz (@TreySongz) February 25, 2017

NickI Minaj responded to Remy Ma, the same way Meek Mill responded to Drake, #twitterfingers . I guess you become who you date after all ??

— Emanuel Sebastiao (@AllStarEmanuel_) February 25, 2017

How Meek Mill met Remy Ma to tell all Nicki Minaj Tea pic.twitter.com/IImF5PurrU

— YUNG TO$A (@YungKingTosa) February 25, 2017

Meek Mill: I got something on Nicki Minaj.
Remy Ma: Let's meet up.
Meek Mill: #shETHER pic.twitter.com/TIdSqw41sS

— c a m m . (@PlainOlCamm) February 25, 2017

Me when I was 3 minutes into Remy Ma on #ShETHER and saw there was 3 minutes left pic.twitter.com/qVTQEAcYMf

— SirShottyFromThe301 (@Shottyisms) February 25, 2017

Nicki responding to Trey Songz before Remy. pic.twitter.com/OYCE8aJ1C6

— Only Hip Hop Facts (@OnlyHipHopFacts) February 25, 2017

Nicki has 24hours before we officially start calling her Meeky Minaj #RemyMA

— Kiki Mordi (@kikimordi) February 25, 2017

how many times did you drag nicki minaj in that diss track?

remy ma: pic.twitter.com/ZcVzMEVf4z

— ? (@godlessIy) February 25, 2017

the four stages of listening to remy ma ether nicki minaj pic.twitter.com/8OM2MBixMr

— cai ?? (@owlbees) February 25, 2017


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