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How To Easily Get 1GB Free Data On Your Airtel Sim

How To Easily Get 1GB Free Data On Your Airtel Sim
We posted this new tweak week ago but some of our fans are complaining that its didnt work for them while others enjoy and didn't care to drop testimonies. But we have no problem with that... Today we are going to give you some short and confirmed steps to get one free gigabyte (1GB). So the brief method goes below:

Here is the IMEI we are going to tweak: 356241060335600

Next method to follow:

* Use imei analyzer to get a valid imei (Download it from Play Store)

* Then Text the imei you analyzed to 232, add S to the number like this S357146062634404 and send it to 232 After sending the message

* You will receive a message from 232 saying that“welcome to the Smart phone bla bla bla….."

* After that, send Join to 141

Note: If you received a message telling you; Dear customer, you can only receive the Smart SIM Offer once. Understand that the imei you tried has already been used by someone, what you need is to keep trying luck with another imei.

Best of luck.


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