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Doubel Wahala! Oritsefemi Reacts To Money Rituals Allegations!

Doubel Wahala! Oritsefemi Reacts To Money Rituals Allegations!
Oritsefemi’s new Range Rover ride and new Lekki home has got people talking and spreading rumours that he got his wealth through money rituals.

But here is what thedouble wahalasinger has to say in his defense…….
“I headline several shows both home and abroad. There is hardly a show you would go to right now that my name is not on the poster. It is through hard work and I thank God. Although I cannot disclose how much I got the car and the house, I was able to get the money from the shows I headlined. I am popular now due to hard work and I am always in the studio.
After my song, Mercy of the Lord, with Dagrin, I tried my best to bring out a better song but I was unlucky to get any. I had to go back to the drawing board to create the kind of sound people would like.
“I did not go to Satan to succeed, it is not possible. I advise many of my childhood friends that to make it in life, you have to work hard. I say this because some of them may believe the rumour that I did juju, no. It is through hard work. Hard work pays and nobody should do juju. It is my hard work that is paying off,”
Btw, happy sunday guys. I hope you guys are also going to church. It’s only God that can turn your situation around, so endeavour to serve Him and serve Him well. He is a good God, ask and you shall receive, but you cant ask from home oo. It’s thanksgiving time dancing galore…yayyy lol. Bless you!


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