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Word Of Caution For President-elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari

Word Of Caution For President-elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari
I will start this by congratulating Nigeria and Nigerians! Somehow, we have emerged from what many, at home and abroad, had predicted to be the most chaotic time in our National history without any of the predicted woes!

This would have been impossible without a lot of bold and audacious Nigerians, full of pride and love, daring to do things differently. Daring to hope for the impossible and push to challenge the status quo.

After all this, no one, I repeat, No One is willing to jeopardise this achievement by allowing the same set of ‘favour-seeking’, self serving, power hungry people, who seem to attach themselves to any government in power, to simply sneak in, just to ensure their ‘place’ is secure!

Some of us do not know them out-rightly neither are we familiar with their game plan BUT they are, like leeches, a permanent feature around the corridors of power. This tenacious and relentless set of people, at every level of the political structure, know their ‘trade’ and seem to be persuasive enough to get what they want from our leaders!

As I write this, I know some of them are putting finishing touches to their ‘master plan’! They are preparing to lobby and sweet talk their ‘facts and figures’ into securing them a prime deal and with that, yet another slice of the National Cake.

These people have been in the system too long! They re-brand and realign so that they look different each time! They have new ‘fronts’ and new names but the game remains the same!
Should we be concerned about them? Definitely! They do not mean well for our nation but they are absolute professionals at convincing our leaders to give them the opportunity to ‘work’ with them!

They lie! They back up their lies! They have ‘experts’ verifying the lies until they successfully convince the leaders that the lie is the real deal! They have plagued our system for far too long! They are already preparing to ‘infest’ our newly elected government!
We must not allow them! We must protect this possibility of a better Nigeria, like we fought for this victory! Irrespective of who you voted for, this task calls for all of us! Remember, they surrounded Goodluck Jonathan and his wife! They assured them, against all odds, of certain victory.
They used any and every available resource for their own game plan and, they remained, until the very end, only to prepare to jump unto the books of the President Elect.

I will not mention names as the ‘faces’ may change but the game plan doesn’t change.

They could be family or friends or have other close ties with the latest government in power.

They will explore every possible links, ties and affiliations. Though eloquent, charming and persuasive, they are vicious and will stop at nothing!

The ‘sycophants’ of our nation are the most dangerous people in our land! With them, a new and improved Nigeria for all is IMPOSSIBLE!

The question is, will we let them?


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