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How to Turn you #6000 into #300,000 in Two Weeks - Icharity (Join Now)

How to Turn you #6000 into #300,000 in Two Weeks - Icharity (Join Now)
Welcome Guys! Waploaded Endorses Icharity Club, You have no fear as its a peer to peer donation system, Read along as i unveil secretes in this platform, on How i got to my Level 2 in Just 12 hours with little work.

Check Below Photo on How Icharity is Changing my life!, As at Today, My potential earning is 11 Million Naira, So What are you waiting for?

How To Register On Icharity Club

With iCharity Club, Register here,

NOTE/WARNING: if you are not upgrading immediately, do not bother to register thanks.

After registering, Check your email for password, Login Change your password (if you like), Add you bank account details (to receive Your Payment instantly) and Update your profile with your correct phone number (to Receive calls).

How to Donate and Start Earning

If you don't Donate/Upgrade, You cant earn at all, it is very important that you have your money at hand before registering, so after registering you upgrade immediately and your account will be ready to start earning cash instantly!.

Click on Upgrade button Pay to the Bank account details there, after payment, Take screenshot/photo shot of the payment Alert, Then Fill in the Details on the Upgrade form for you to be confirmed by your Upline.

You may have to call his number to fasten the approval process, Payments could be from (Internet Banking, Bank Teller, ATM Transfer, USSD Code Transfer, Any transfer means) So far you Upline gets the alert and you send him screenshot of the payment.

How to Start Receiving your earnings

There are four Ways to Start receiving your earnings, and at level 1 you will receive N30,000 from 5 People who registers or spills under you !

Direct Help: Since you are under Quick Money team, we will use your direct referral link to share to new members, and we will add you to Our Whatsapp Group to get educated on everything (i will get your mobile number from your profile).

Spill Overs: Our own downlines are filled up, For that reason, everyone who registers under us are simply going into our sure downlines and you too, so if you register under me you will get your downline faster than anyone else.

Sharing your Referral link: You can share and talk people into registering under you, don't worry, after upgrading, we will Automatically add you to our whatsapp group and educate you on how to do this.

Admin Automation: If it takes time for you to get your referral, the admin system will add referrals under you as soon as possible so you can start earning.

Infact! You get Back your money Same day or two after successful upgrading...

How the Matrix System and Potential earnings of the Icharity Goes

*Grade 1:
Donation to upline is N6,000
You will receive N6,000 x 5 people = N30,000

*Grade 2:

Donation to upline is N12,000
You will receive N12,000 x 25 = N300,000

*Grade 3:
Donation to upline is N24,000
You will receive N24,000 x 125 = N3,000,000

*Grade 4:
Donation to upline is N36,000
You will receive N36,000 x 625 = N22,500,000

*Grade 5:
Donation to upline is N60,000
You will receive 60,000 x 3,125 people = N187,500,000

*Grade 6:
Donation to upline is N90,000
You will receive 90,000 x 15,625 people = N1,406,250,000

*Grade 7
Donation to upline is N120,000
You will receive 120,000x78,125 =N9,375,000,000

*Grade 8
Donation to upline is N240,000
You will receive N240,000x390,625 = N93,750,000,000

*Grade 9
Donation to upline is N351,000
You will receive N351,000 x 1,953,125 = N685,546,875,000

*Grade 10
Donation to upline is N501,000
You will receive N501,000x9,765,625 = N4,892,581,680,500

If you are not upgrading immediately, or do not have 6000 at hand, please don't register

Frequently Asked Question

I don't Know how to register and login, what do i do?:
We can take up helping you register an account, setup everything and send you the details, do the upgrade for you and you start earning, but contact us via email [[email protected]]

How Do i get referrals?:
Read above text, there are four ways to get referrals but we assure you to get referrals from our Spillovers as fast as possible.

How Do i receive my cash:
You will receive first 5 payment from your downlines/referrals (6000 X 5 = 30,000), and with that you Upgrade to Next level, and you dont have to refer anyone again but sit and get paid #12,000 from 25 people (300,000 Which is attainable in two weeks)

I registered and was asked to pay in Non-Nigerian account:
it means you had errors in registration, if you registered under my team you must be able to pay in Nigerian Banks, In case you were asked to pay in other currencies, Please register a new account or contact us to help you on that.

How do i join your whatsapp group
You must have Registered and upgraded, from our tree view we will contact you via the number there and add you on our whatsapp group!

I dont have whatsapp what do i do?
It does not matter, you can still reach us on emails [[email protected]] for questions and tips.

Are you ready to join the Winning Team?

If you are not upgrading immediately, or do not have 6000 at hand, please don't register

See you at the Top Making cool Money with Just #6,000 Start Up!!!


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