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Guruboi Jan 08, 2016 ( Post 1 )

Stretch marks as many of us know are unsightly marks found on the butt0ckz, breasts, upper arms, back,thighs, abdomen and stomach caused by the tearing of the dermis due to skin stretching and expansionThese marks are usually caused by hormonal changes such as puberty,
pregnancy, or rapid weight changes such as body building or weight-loss.

The best way to get rid of stretch marks is to prevent them from appearing through regular moisturizing of the surface with an oil based emollient, however, this is not the case of many as stretch marks are mainly noticed after they appear and we are left with the only option of minimizing their appearance.

Thankfully, the visibility of stretch marks can be minimized, and so here are our top 4 stretch marks minimizing and prevention products.

1. Coconut Oil:
There are countless skin benefits of using coconut oil and minimizing the appearance of stretch marks is one of such benefits. This versatile oil is one of the few oils that have natural moisturizing properties that penetrate deep without sitting on the surface

2. Shea Butter:
Another natural product that helps in minimizing scarring. This product is usually extracted from the African Shea tree and used for producing many body lotions in the cosmetic industry due to its high moisturizing properties.

Shea Butter comes solid in form but usually melts when in contact with the skin.

3. Bio Oil:
This is a specially formulated product made with Calendula, Chamomile, Lavender and Rosemary Oils that a number of people swear by. Mixture of Bio Oil with shea butter works very fast for stretch marks minimizing

4. Cocoa Butter:
This natural product is a pale-yellow product derived from the Cocoa Bean that contains high level of antioxidants and a fairly stable quality that enables it keep for years.

There are a number of cocoa butter believers but a clinical research study showed the effects of cocoa butter on stretch marks in pregnant women yielded no different from the results of a placebo.

Cocoa butter should also be used in moderation as it has shown visible darkening effects on active users

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Locapy Jan 08, 2016 ( Post 2 )
Only God Go Save
Us...Just Short Of Words.
Why is it to short... I just can't say why.. Holla

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olayinka5063 Jan 08, 2016 ( Post 3 )
hmmmm.......thanks I think it will really work

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Endie (Guest) Jan 08, 2016 ( Post 4 )
I tink say na bcos i dey sU-Ck my babe breast wela dat y d stretch marks show but i go combine dis tins mk dem go

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Brightjunior Jan 08, 2016 ( Post 5 )
It cant be cured by all those items

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Parlyb Jan 09, 2016 ( Post 6 )
Locapy wrote:
Only God Go Save
Us...Just Short Of Words.
Why is it to short... I just can't say why.. Holla
guruboi, dont you observe this shit.? (huh)

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Brightjunior Jan 11, 2016 ( Post 7 )
Congrats Locapy you got yourself a follower...

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MarieCamargo (Guest) Dec 20, 2016 ( Post 8 )
Completely agree with the post! Regular moisturising of the surface with an oil will help in preventing stretch marks. Also, regular massage with oil over the stretch mark affected area will help in reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Massage help in improving the blood circulation in the body and oil helps to moisturise the skin, which really helps in preventing skin issues like cellulite and stretch marks.

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