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‘Man Who Murdered My Hubby Attempted To Kill His Brother Too’

‘Man Who Murdered My Hubby Attempted To Kill His Brother Too’
Life will no longer be the same for Modupe Abiola, whose husband was murdered by a co-tenant in Ajegunle area of Lagos State, recently.

She recalled the good times she had with her hubby and how his painful exit from this world has affected her. MATTHEW DIKE, Lagos.

How Her Husband Was Murdered
Modupe said, “I was in my father’s apartment at Okito Street, when I received a call from a co-tenant that something terrible, painful and sorrowful had occurred at our residence. I had to run and board a bus to our residence. On getting to the compound, I saw people wearing long faces. I went closer and saw my husband on the floor in the pool of his own blood, gasping for breath.

“They said our co-tenant, who resides at the boys’ quarters, Chinonso, was the person that stabbed my husband, Kunle Abiola. The residents said Chinonso was quarrelling with a neighbour we call Mama Abiodun and my husband wanted to make peace. Chinonso became angry over my husband’s peace making process. He ran into his room and returned with a knife which he used in stabbing my husband to death. He stabbed him in the jaw and chest. We rushed my husband to the General hospital at Awodiora, Ajegunle, but he gave up the ghost and was confirmed dead by a doctor. It was the saddest day of my life. My small son, Opeyemi is just seven years old. So my little son will not see his father again. So I will no longer see my beloved husband again.”

What Manner Of Man Was Your Husband?
The widow who said her 36-year- old husband hailed from Ogun State had this to say: “He was a gentle man, very caring, loving and friendly. I will remember him for the great love he showed me. At times, he would call me out from the room and we would both sit outside in the night while we discussed how the future would be. We would talk about how to plan our family. If I had something bothering me, he would advise and pamper me, telling me that all would be well soon. I would be satisfied. He was so good that with a man like him, a woman doesn’t need another man. He was a perfect example of a good man. We have only one child, Opeyemi.

He’s a boy. I’ve been living in that compound for eight years with my husband. Chinonso only packed into the compound about two years ago.

He will complete two years in the residence in June.’’

Chinonso’s Character
The widow explained: “Chinonso was gentle or probably hid his real character which he later began to expose gradually until the incident occurred. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

When he packed into the compound, he said his work was to fix tiles. He said he had a shop at Odun- Ade market, along Badagry- Orile expressway. After sometime, he stopped leaving his room as early as usual. Someone disclosed that because of his bad behaviour, he was chased out of the market. Last year, he had an argument with his younger brother called Chukwuka. Chinonso chased Chukwuka away with cutlass. He swore that he would behead him if he returns to the house. Since then none of us have seen the runaway man. Chukwuka is about 20 – years old. For him to attempt to kill his brother, my husband had to call the police and he was arrested and detained at Ajegunle police station for three days before he was released. The residents had complained to the landlord who had promised that he would eject him from the house. The caretaker refused bluntly to eject the man because he had collected money from him and now he has killed my husband.

Before he killed my husband he had threatened him. He would at times warn him to return his cutlass which the police seized from him.

Apart from that, Chinonso punched a girl in the breast. The girl cried to her father and Chinoso was arrested and detained at Ajegunle police station again for two days before the police released him.’’

Reactions of Neighbours after the Occurrence
LEADERSHIP investigation revealed that after stabbing Kunle Abiola, blood was gushing out from his chest like a broken pipe. One of the neighbours in the area, who identified himself simply as Kamoru said, “People were very angry when they saw Kunle (Abiola) in the pool of his own blood. Blood was still rushing out from his chest and lung. Chinonso wanted to escape but was apprehended by neighbours who beat him black and blue and handed him over to the police. The angry people also pulled down his door and destroyed most of his property,
including television, fan, musical instrument, among others. People cried because the victim was a very nice and kind hearted man.”

What happened to Chinonso?
LEADERSHIP investigation revealed that Chinonso allegedly gave up the ghost. Policemen attached to Ajegunle police station transferred the case to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Panti, Yaba, the next day after his arrest.

Some policemen, attached to Ajegunle division, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, alleged that Chinonso probably died as a result of the injuries he sustained. The Police said none of his family members came to see the suspect at the station.

A police sergeant, attached to SCID, who begged that his name should not be mentioned in newspaper, alleged that he heard that the suspect later gave up the ghost and was deposited in a general hospital morgue.


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