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5 Things You Need To Negotiate Before Accepting A Job

5 Things You Need To Negotiate Before Accepting A Job
After searching for a job for so long, it would take a certain measure of self-control to resist the urge to agree to take the job without even considering what it may cost you. Some jobs have been known to cost employees more than the job is giving back to them. This usually happens as a result of poor negotiation on the part of the employees before taking the job. Here are a few ideas on things you should consider negotiating with your employer before you accept the job.

1. Salary

This, of course, is the principal thing on any job seeker’s mind. Though it’s not every time one gets to negotiate the amount of salary he/she wants to be paid per month, but whenever you do get the chance, be sure to make a good bargain. There are situations where employees at the same level within the same company have been known to collect different salaries owing to different bargaining power.

2. Transportation

If this isn’t already listed amongst the staff welfare benefits, you may decide to ask. Transportation chops up a lot of one’s income especially if you have to take public transport, so you might want to take the distance from your house to the work-place into account while negotiating.

3. More vacation time / Leave

Vacations are usually great times to take a break from all that stress at work and get a clear head. Most employer’s are you usually more willing to extend vacation time than to have employees troubling them for a raise. So you might want to negotiate that with your employer before accepting the job.

4. Flexible work hours

You might consider asking your employer for more flexible hours, depending on the kind of work you do. For example, if you only worked with computers as a customer care agent, you may request for one day in a week where you’d be allowed to work from home.

5. Sponsoring further education

You can always ask that your further education be sponsored by your company, especially if you have signed a long term contract to continue to work for that company or have shown intents that you won’t be leaving anytime soon

In conclusion, nothing brings progress than having to work under the most suitable conditions, therefore, endeavor to consider the five points above and others before saying Yes to any job invitation.


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