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Amazing Ways On How To Download Android Paid Apps For Free [2nd method]

 Amazing Ways On How To Download Android Paid Apps For Free [2nd method]
Android is a very great platform for applications and because it has a
lot of application in Google playstore but most of the reasonable
apps are mostly paid which sometimes are cheap or a little bit
expensive. But since these paid apps are sometimes our favorite we
need to find a way to to download these paid apps for free. There
have been different ways and method on how to download android
apps for free easily. These method allows android users download
paid apps all for free with any form of charges.

Previously, there have been apps that you can use to download
android paid for free and also popular free android apps are also
available there, this app is is called Applanet but there is a problem
with the app, just you download a android app from the applanet
and try to install it, they end up corrupt or bad so because of this the
applanet can’t be advised to be the best place to download android
paid apps for free. So because of this we have to look for other
solution to enable us download these favorite android paid apps for
So in the quest of looking for ways to download these paid android
apps for free and which has loads of free paid android apps
downloads available I found these crazy and amazing methods which
are working.
What is Needed To Get It Done
1. Your device must be
2. You need internet connections to carry out this act
How To Upgrade Free Apps To Premium Apps on Android
Step 1. Download and install this YPfreedom app here
Step 2. Move it to your device memory
Step 3. Go to your time zone and change it to Moscow
PLEASE NOTE: The reason why we are changing the time zone is
because most developers are from there and they make their apps
work in their time zone only. But if you are from Asian countries like
Nepal, India, etc you don’t need to change timezone to Moscow, as
you cn use it directly.
Step 4. Once you’ve succeeded in changing it, launch the app and it
will show you lists of apps that can be upgraded via this app
Step 5. Launch the application you want to upgrade and go to the
part of the application that shows “Upgrade via playstore or Buy
coins/cash (for games) via playstore” then you choose the amount to
upgrade or the amount
of item you want to buy, and it pays automatically. Its as simple as it
Finally, once you are done, change the time zone back to normal and
flex your premium app.
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