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Introducing Waploaded Trivia, Answer and Earn Everyday

Introducing Waploaded Trivia, Answer and Earn Everyday

The Waploaded Trivia Located at Forum >> Gaming >> Waploaded Trivia or Accessible Via http://www.waploaded.com/trivia is the new Sparkling Thing on Waploaded.com.

Everyday, a new question is asked, if you answer the question correctly you will inboxed for your phone number and Boom you get a reward Airtime of any network.

How to Win

You are not Just to answer the question, but to provide full details and proof of your answers, the WINNER is the one with the highest details provided.

NOTE: In another Waploaded News, Commenting on Some topics older than 30days (by registered members) in some selected categories has been blocked, this is to prevent flooding/Spamming the forum by these members in other to earn (by Trick) higher coins/Posts and out-mark other contestant. If you have a Counter view on this, please also let us know by contact us.

ALSO NOTE: This Month Highest coins earner will be contacted for His/Her account details for the reward of most active in the month of january.

WARNING: Try as much as possible to make fair comments, as duplicating or dumping comments in other to earn higher coins may cost you ban of 1 or more days from being able to access your account, thanks.

Lastly, The Trivia starts today, To Get more Tips about this trivia and full Notification when a trivia Topic is Made, follow/Add/Join us on Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook Group & Fanpage and More Especially Instagram

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