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Over #25,000 to be given away to Waploaded Members

Over #25,000 to be given away to Waploaded Members
Inline With Waploaded's Monthly Cash rewards, We present the TOP 20 Finalists Whom by effort is going to receive share from the #25,000 giveaway for month of june.

The culture of Waploaded.com is built on giveaways, as we believe what ever you give, is what you take.

Each contribution you make via posting a reasonable comment in any category earns you some Waploaded coins and those coins are paid as cash into your account last week of the month, that's to say, for you to start earning, simply register and login today, read topics and comment!

NOTICE/WARNINGS: Some users have been caught several times misusing the comments system by making gibberish comments like "just passing", "i don't have enough mb i would have downloaded", "nice topic ", "Not interesting", "Talking about a music, video yet to download" or duplicating a particular comment in a topic.

We frawn at all these, it may affect your current earnings this month, and subsequent time your earnings may be totally removed or suspended if you are found indulging on acts against or Commenting Terms, Always make reasonable comments or don't comment at all.

Below are Finalists


To receive reward, Drop a comment telling us about how the experience of using our community and comment system and what more you think we must do in other to improve and ofcourse service you better.

After you comment relax, admin will contact you requesting for your account details / Phone number depending on your earnings. (Not username or password)

NB2: Those without a comment on or before 1st July, will get their coins wiped out.

Thanks Everyone.


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