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10 Most Popular Video Games Of The Year, 2018

10 Most Popular Video Games Of The Year, 2018
Here are the counting down of the top 10 most popular video games in 2018.

The 10th most popular game in the world in 2018 is Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto 5.

This open-world "do whatever you want" title was released in 2013 and still has 83,000 peak concurrent active users just on PC with the majority of its players still playing on Xbox and Playstation.
The game is already 5 years old but it might come as a surprise that most of the games on this list are as old or older than Grand Theft Auto 5

Released in 2015, in the last 24 hours it's concurrent peak is over 120 thousand players just on PC, which is close to its all-time peak of a hundred and thirty two thousand which is crazy because, this means Tom Clancy's Rainbow six siege is the most popular it's ever been even though it was released three years ago in 2015

Released by Blizzard in 2016, this game boasts around 35 million monthly active players and is a massive driving force for Blizzards continued growth and popularity. This game is also the first game on this list but it's going to become a common theme of competitive games that have professional players and an active competitive scene which seems to be a driving force for maintaining games popularities long after they've been released.

Another game from Blizzard called Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft which was released in 2013 and is a card game based on the World of Warcraft
Hearthstone is the first game on this list that's free to play but trust me, it's not the last, as free-to-play games seem to be some of the most popular in today's market which makes sense since you don't have to pay for them at least not until the game sU-Cks you in and then if you're like me you end up spending tons of money on dress-up or PACs or whatever else the game has to sell after you're already invested.

Hearthstone recently broke its concurrent active player record in late 2017 with its last expansion and boasts over 71 million users

One of the most popular video games in 2018 is one of two mobas on this list called Dota 2, released in 2012, Dota 2 still has an average concurrent player account of nearly 500,000 and has a peak this month of nearly 800,000.

Dota 2 is also still one of the more popular games on Twitch it's

Conter Strike is a first-person shooter with a very competitive gaming scene called Counter Strike Global Offensive this game which was released in 2012 is currently the second most popular game on Steam, and even during the week the game has a daily peak concurrent player base of over 600,000 strong.

A video game I'm sure you've heard of at least once before it's called Minecraft. This indie game which was developed by Notch in 2009 has exploded and as of January 21st 2018 minecraft still claims over 74 million monthly active users this includes players on PC, mobile and console and I personally don't see this game falling off anytime soon because there's always another kid born who wants to play with blocks

No one can tell you what you can or cannot do, with no rules to follow. This adventure it's up to you

The number 3 most popular game is the second newest game on this list, released in 2017 the game is Player Unknowns Battleground aka PUBG is a battle royale arena which means that there's a hundred players that drop into a zone and only one survives PUBG is the most popular game currently on Steam. It currently has 2.7 million concurrent players.

The second most popular game in the world right now is Riot Games, League of Legends. It still maintains some of the highest concurrent player base worldwide with 81 million active monthly users and is still consistently the most viewed game on Twitch TV.

League of Legends also has arguably the most healthy and popular competitive gaming scene with its World Championship games often surpassing the viewership of even Basketball and Baseball games

Finally the number one most popular video game in the world in 2018 is Epic games brand new game fortnight released late in 2017.

Fortnite recently broke records peaking at almost 4 million concurrent players, Fortnite is another Battle Royale game where you are put in a playing field but only one survives Fortnite has also been challenging League of Legends as the most popular streamed game on Twitch and YouTube.

Its cartoony take on Battle Royale makes it extremely accessible to a massive audience but because it's the newest game on this list it's gonna be interesting to see whether it can stand the test of time there you have it guys the 10 most popular games in 2018


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