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Phone Review: Tecno L5 Worths The Hype

Phone Review: Tecno L5 Worths The Hype
Tecno’s next Big Thing after Tecno Camon C8 is Tecno L5.

Many people wish it is available already so they would buy it asap.

Majority don’t care about the poor hardware that the phone ships with.


Simply because of its affordability and a monstrous battery that can last up to 5 days on a single charge.

The phone carries two times the power in many smartphone batteries out in the market today.

When you consider the epileptic power supply in Nigeria and the fact that poor battery life has emerged as one of the chief complaints about smartphones, you will see the reason many people want buy it.

Why I Think It Is Worth The Hype.

There are few things that determine the battery life of a smartphone and they are what I looked into before concluding that the L5 will do well.

1. Battery Size: This is not supposed to be my no1 but I have to make it my number one because that is the phone's selling point.

A 3000mah battery in a 4.5 inch smartphone is good enough and Tecno L5 has 5000mah, almost twice the supposed average size.

2: Optimization: Tecno Is not doing bad here and there's still room for improvement.

Poor optimization is the cause of poor battery life problem in most smartphones. The engineers don’t just get it a right.

A well optimized smartphone with a 3000mah battery will last longer if not twice the number of days a poorly optimized smartphone with a 10000mah battery will last.

Here’s an example. Oukitel recently launched a smartphone called oukitel K6000.

The phone was named after its 6,000mAh battery and the company claims that it can last 40 days on standby(could be marketing stunt) but Xperia Z3c with 2600mah battery recorded 33days on standby(confirmed).

When you consider the two you will see that big battery doesn’t always guarantee great battery life.

If the OS of a phone is poorly optimized for performance and stability then the big battery size is worth nothing.

I played with Tecno’s latest phones and their engineers are doing great so I have no doubt that the OS will run smoothly on the phone.

3: Screen size is just 4.5-inch IPS display, not even full hd: Do I still need to say more here?

Everyone Knows that bigger screen equates to more battery consumption while in use.

I have checked other specs of the phone and I don’t see what would consume the battery.

My only fear is the processor and I advice Tecno to optimize the OS very well because the mediatek processor that is in the phone is not so great in performance especially graphically.

It needs a smooth running OS to be apple to handle apps and multi-task without lagging otherwise it will help drain the battery.

I was hoping to see a 2GB ram and 16GB Rom but you can never have it all in one phone.


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