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The Premier League Top 3 Contenders

The Premier League Top 3 Contenders
Every day we are closing in towards the end of another fascinating Premier League season. As always, the world’s most prestigious football competition did not fail to entertain fans with its high-intensity gameplay and lots of memorable goal-scoring moments.

Not only is football the most loved game in the world, but the Premier League is one annual competition that fans from around the planet, watch with enthusiasm. Whether you are in Africa, South East Asia, Australia, or in any one of the European countries, once the competition starts, all eyes are on the English clubs and their range of local as well as international players. Football prediction and subsequent betting, as a result, are big businesses, with amateur and professional punters closely following the path of the teams and making money off their games. With the tournament nearing its end, irrespective of whether you are a football enthusiast or someone with money on the line, it is time to put all the focus on the top contenders who are more than likely to lift the trophy this year.


In all honesty, no one would have thought at the start of the competition that Liverpool would come at the top. That too, in such a magnificent fashion. The team has been performing amazingly, playing each game with passion and tactfulness. With 17 games down the line, they have won 16 with only their match against Manchester United ending in a draw. If the team were to go on the same path and win, they would do so without losing a single game, which is a feat on its own. Not surprisingly, bookmakers have Liverpool as favourites to win now with 1/7 odds. For a punter, even this late in the game, it is worth placing a bet on Liverpool, for a small but profitable wager.

Manchester City

Although bookies have Manchester City at 8/1 odds, the team just hasn’t been able to perform their best this year. Stricken with their star player Vincent Kompany leaving and a few others getting hurt, the club showed signs of fatigue and failure early on in the competition. They have since then had a rocky race, winning some games, but also losing quite a few. Still, Manchester City is amongst the strongest teams in the Premier League. While their dream of picking up the trophy for the third consecutive time isn’t possible, their individual matches are still highly bet-worthy.

Leicester City

If there is one wager worth making right now for significant gains, it is on Leicester City. The team has been the underdog of the competition and come out on the top of the table, having won 12 of their first 17 games, and losing out on only two so far. It is pertinent to note that along the way, the club has defeated high-ranking teams like Tottenham and Arsenal, proving that they have all the right to be considered as a top contender. Both in their capacity of individual matches as well as the winners of Premier League, Leicester is presently the team to watch. Bookmakers have them on 35/1 odds which is quite the profitable stand.


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