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See The 5 Things Only True Love Can Teach You (See Here)

See The 5 Things Only True Love Can Teach You (See Here)
Firstly, what is true love? To my own knowledge, true love is something we building from feelings anywhere there is true love, nothing can ever come to destroy it if the love is strong enough.

True love does not only entail finding an ideal person or finding someone you can easily plan your day to day activities with nor is it only doing things together but true love is much more than that, it is about finding a person you can grow with and discovering yourselves with each other’s help, true love is about bringing out the good in your partner and influencing each other positively because consciously or unconsciously you will influence each other which is why you have to have the right partner in your life.

Truly, love is sweet and beautiful but only when you are in love with the right person and once it is true love you become a better person, better partner and learn new things and also give you something to teach others. Below are 5 things you would learn from true love.

1. You would be happier: “When you are in love, you will know that you have never been that happy, when it is infatuation and not love, the happiness will only be at the initial stage and soon the happiness will wear off and you would be left thinking what went wrong with the two of you, true love is all about happiness and when you are just happy, everything seems perfect”.

2. You become more patient: “A lot of patience is usually taken up by one’s relationship especially when you are not having a healthy relationship, this can make you moody and a lot less patience in our lives with other people so when you are in true love, your patience is not being tested to that limit so you have a lot of it left for others”.

3. You become humble: “True love is satisfying and makes you feel more contented in life, when you experience a great feeling of contentment, you will realise how lucky you are and how unfortunate the people who do not find true love in someone or something are and you will learn to be more humble towards others and become more generous eventually because you have what others don’t so you give more to others as you feel you receive more than you could have ever asked for”.

4. You start being more positive: “When you find true love, you will feel like every wrong thing that happened in your life occurred for you to be with this special person, colours seem brighter and the grass looks greener and all the imperfections of life start to seem perfect”.

5. Small things don’t bother you anymore: “You would realise that there is no point losing something so perfect over petty issues when you are contented, little things won’t bother you or your past exes will not even matter to you, you will be shocked to see how your thinking and acceptance of your partners seemed so right”.



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