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$10,000 worth of Crypto-assets (Bitcoin & More) giveaway free.

$10,000 worth of Crypto-assets (Bitcoin & More) giveaway free.
To celebrate the launch of WirePurse web version, Transcodium Ltd will be giving out up to $10,000 worth of crypto assets (Bitcoin, Transcodium, Ethereum & more) to their loyal users & also newly registered users on every listing of a new crypto asset.

WirePurse is a multi crypto asset wallet, first released on March 2019 with the android version. WirePurse aims to be the wallet for the masses with its innovative, secure and easy to use features.

With WirePurse you will enjoy 0% fees to all inhouse transactions (Free Transactions). We know cryptocurrency is confusing, so we handle all the complex tasks for you.

To participate in this giveaways, kindly read more here: http://blog.transcodium.com/3000-worth-of-at-token-airdrop-listing-on-wirepurse/

Also, find the rules of the giveaways here: https://blog.transcodium.com/tns-wirepurse-airdrops/

Follow above link, read and take action to be among this new revolution!!!


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