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I've sat in silence & just cried - Zahara to honour Robbie Malinga in Song

I've sat in silence & just cried - Zahara to honour Robbie Malinga in Song

Two weeks after the death of award-winning producer Robbie Malinga, one of his most famous proteges, Zahara, says she is still battling to come to terms with his loss and plans to dedicate several music projects to him over the next few months.

Zahara gave a moving performance at the star's memorial and told TshisaLIVE she still felt like Robbie's death was all a bad dream.

The producer died at his home on Christmas Day surrounded by close friends and family. He had earlier in the year been diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer.

"It still doesn't feel real because it came as a real shock. I mean he was performing, and the next minute he was sick, and then passed on. It was too much. Our Christmas will never be the same. I was a daughter to him and I have sat in silence a lot of times since his death and just cried. I am just trying to do what he would have wanted me to do: to keep going."

Zahara said she was toying with several ideas of how to honour Robbie's legacy, including possibly releasing a song, musical project or live show dedicated to him.

"I want to pay tribute to him through my music because that is the gift he helped me share with the world. I will definitely include his music and even his young artists in my live DVD which I am recording later this year. He mentored me and I would love to return the favour by mentoring one of his artists."

"I promised myself that I would live in his footsteps and always make him proud of me. He did so much for me and it is still hard talking about it (Robbie's death)".

Zahara said if she had one last conversation with her mentor, she would have told him to be strong.

"If I had one more moment with him I would tell him to hang in there. He touched so many lives. I would tell him to not let go. But now that he is not here, I will hang in there for him."


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