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Top 10 Sex-filled Hollywood Movies (Girls, Spatacus, Game of Bones and More..)

Top 10 Sex-filled Hollywood Movies (Girls, Spatacus, Game of Bones and More..)
Since explicit shows like Orange Is the New Black and How to Get Away With Murder are probably old reliables for you by now, we know there's nothing sexier than shaking up your streaming diet every so often. To that end, we present for you a very sex-filled list of stream-worthy TV shows and Hollywood Movies to get you in the mood today.

This list of Top Sex filled Movies are not arranged in any particular order, but we have just made the random list and tried to give you download access to some of the movies on Waploaded.com, this is to prevent you from downloading viruses after several failed searches, so if you love our job, kindly give us a Kudos by sharing this post on social media and also dropping a nice comments below.

The Game of Bones is a Sexual parody of the popular series Game of Thrones Series the popularity of this series must have fueled the production of its parody.

The GoB Movie is about 582MB but its worth the download, it was released in december 2013 and produced by Lee Roy Myers.

Game of Thrones belongs to a category of explicit nudity and shocking sex scenes that hardly other shows on TV can match up to it. It has a gripping storyline and hardly has vulgar speech, but that does not make it suitable for all ages. This show has some of the greatest numbers when it comes to viewership and piracy because people want to watch it or some specific scenes in it.

This series has some of the best ratings on TV today, such that it even got to China but the heavy editing left the storyline wanting. As the show continues in its fourth season, there seems to be a deliberate intention from the producers to reduce the level of nudity. It seems pressure from audiences and even actors themselves is being felt, and hopefully it will get to a level where censoring will not be required.

Spartacus might have a catchy storyline, which people might at times lose focus of because they more often than not are carried away by all the nudity and sex scenes. The justification for the excess nudity and sex for this show lies within its setting, assuming that back in the day in Ancient Roman people lived as it is depicted on Spartacus.

It is easy to criticize the plot, creativity and originality of Spartacus but you cannot question the fact that the producers went out of their way to invest in the sex and nudity scenes more than most other shows. Just like all other shows on this list, you do not want to watch this with the younger or even older members of your family.

True Blood is a TV show that has shocked audiences everywhere, owing to its high content of violence, sex, and of course nudity. True Blood is a show full of Vampires, and where there are vampires there is blood sU-Cking and killing…and apparently nudity.

True Blood has a mix of black comedy, horror, and Gothic fantasy, a recipe for restricting the younger members of the family from watching it. It is no surprise to find bondage, threesomes, orgies, same-sex relationships, and more in any of the episodes, all of which happen in environments full of nudity.

When you have a show where the producers keep getting warnings about how explicit their content is, then you know there is a serious sex and nudity problem with it. Girls is a show with the above reputation, and its content threatens HBO’s license.

Some shows claim to have an acceptable level of nudity to give them a place on TV and have ways of justifying their claims; however, Girls is one show with little if any justification for its nudity. It is likely that a good number of people who watch this show do it just to watch the nudity as opposed to the acting abilities of the characters.

We currently do not have Girls Tv Series on our website but we bring you these alternative while we get the said movie: Good Girls // Cable Girls

You do not need to be a genius to figure out that a TV show by the name Masters of Sex has a lot of sexual content in it, which is always tied together with nudity. The show is based around a gynecologist (William Masters) and his assistant, who expands their research along the lines of human sexuality and begins having sex with each other.

Dr. Masters, who is a character living in the 1960s, ends up cheating on his wife and giving the show a level of nudity and sex that would make anyone ashamed to be caught watching. The show always seems to attract the attention of the media and other fans mainly due to its explicit sexual nature, making it unsuitable for general viewership.

We currently do not have masters of Sex on our website, but here are alternatives: The Only Way is Essex // Surrogate // Vanderpump Rules

The name of the TV show Californication speaks loads about what to expect when watching it. This show has extremely high sexual content and nudity, and many scenes have to be censored in many countries because it can at times become too much. One of the themes of this show is sexual addiction, and with that comes nudity and, of course, serious age restrictions.

If a show goes to the extent of rubbing the religious section of society in such a way that they lobby for it to be removed from the screens, then it has undoubtedly crossed the line. The TV show continued despite the opposition, and towards the end, the nudity only became worse.

As the name suggests, this TV series and its actors are truly shameless. One of the very few teenage dramas to have characters completely Unclad and having sex, this show is honestly not meant for teenagers. The interesting thing with the show is that the nudity is meant to come out as a form of humor, a concept that can claim a big chunk of the rise in ratings over the years. When the show began there was not so much nudity, but over the years it has grown and become a central part of the series.

Therefore, as the characters here become more famous with every show, their body parts seem to be gaining even more popularity.

We do not have Shameless, but we will update them shortly, for now here is something alternative, Shameless US // Charmed // Gossip Girl

This TV show is based on a series of books and a blog depicting the life of an escort, who remembers her sexual escapades with different clients. This series has featured many characters in some adult scenes, including threesomes, BDSM, adult baby role-play, and general nudity.

Piper, who is the call girl in question, confesses that she cannot bear to watch some of the scenes and would not even want to watch her show with her father or brothers in the same room with her. When a show gets the star feeling uncomfortable about her character’s sexual behavior and nudity, then you know not to watch it with the young ones.

Here is What we can give while we update our site with the movie, Kiss Me First // Girlfriends Guide to Divorce

Sons of Anarchy‘s final season ended in 2014, and its last episode is what has many people, especially parents, complaining about the level of nudity and the sexual content therein. The TV series showed several couples engaging in sex, as a way to deal with the grief of losing a friend.

The last season contained extreme violence with horrific murders including fork stabbings in the skull and depicting almost every major character having sex at one point or another. Most of the sex scenes and nudity in the series are almost what one would find in a pornographic movie, something that is definitely not suitable for all audiences.

Here is just a list of Top 10 Full Movies / Tv Series with Sex Scenes, we have several hundreds of movies on our Tv series Collection 2018, you can also check them out to get all updated once.

Other Notable Mentions of Movies with Much Sex in it

1. Gossip Girl
2. Power
3. The Affair
4. The L Word
5. Lip Service
6. Outlander
7. Queer as Folk
8. Scandal US / The Fixer
9. Sex and the City
10. The Tudors

There are even more, you can always use the Search Box to locate more of the movies, and download. On any occasion you encounter error downloading any file, please instantly write us with the email below and we will try our best to fix them ASAP, remember to always visit WAPLOADED.COM to download all latest TV Series.

The above Tv Series might not be fully updated, you have to keep track of our Tv Series Page to follow their updates, or if you need faster updates on any episodes, simply email us on editors(at)waploaded.com.

Search No further, this list carries all:

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