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World Sports Predictions and Live Betting Guide

World Sports Predictions and Live Betting Guide
When betting on sports, you need to have the right strategy to help you choose the right prediction before you commit your cash. Fortunately, many leading gambling operators offer live betting markets on all the top sports in the world, including boxing, football, rugby, volleyball, basketball and more. Even better, betting on live markets has several advantages and can seriously boost your chances of winning while lowering the bookie’s margin.

This article brings you the best in-play betting strategies while helping you understand the world of sports predictions today.

The World of Sports Predictions in 2020

As people continue embracing different sports all over the world, betting has become a serious multi-billion dollar business. Today, the industry is teeming with professional tipsters and betting experts who comprehensively analyze the games and offer tips on the teams or markets to bet on.

With sports betting being a global phenomenon, the internet has made it possible to place wagers from any corner of the world. Most punters tend to start with their favorite games as they have a good understanding of the rules, making it easier than learning about a new sport. Nonetheless, these fans need accurate sports predictions to convert their luck into a fortune.

Soccer is one of the most popular sports events that punters wager on. However, the game’s uncertainty factor makes it hard to predict the outcome accurately. Fortunately, there are lots of experts’ soccer predictions and you can use the Betway live sports bets if you’re confident enough to bet on pre-match markets.

Live Sports Betting Guide

While the skillful prediction of sports events can offer excellent results, it’s not always easy to be successful, especially when betting in a hurry. Live betting like on Betway is not only about choosing the right prediction, but also placing your wager at the right time to enjoy the best odds and have enough information before making a decision.

Here are a few live betting strategies worth trying out when betting on soccer.

Betting on 0-0 draw

While betting on 0-0 or under 0.5 goals may not appear like a great idea at first, it can improve your chances of success. All you need is to find a game with the highest number of odds on 0-0 correct score results on the first half and wager on it. When the game starts, the odds on over 0.5 goals market will continue rising provided there are no scores on the first 15 minutes and hence you should also place a bet on this outcome to secure your wager no matter the results.

Learn to anticipate sports events

Supposed one of the teams has been marked as a strong favorite by the bookies, it’s reasonable to consider backing it. However, if the team seems to be in bad shape when the game starts and the underdogs seem stronger then you’d have thought, then its time for you to place a wager.

In such an event, you should back the underdogs to score at least one goal or avoid defeat at very high odds. That will seriously improve your winning chances, but you should only bet when there’s value rather than choosing attractive odds.


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