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Eminem - Remind Me

Eminem - Remind Me
Emimen’s much anticipated album is finally here and it’s all you can expect from the talented rapper. The album is long overdue and his performance on the “Revival” album have demonstrated why it took so long for the rapper to release another album, after all he is one of the greatest and fans have been longing for a project.

Early fans have almost given up on Eminem, whichat the moment is perhaps of no importance to the talented rapper, but if they decide to take some time out to listen and pay attention to this album, they’d be stumped. Eminem is without doubt a good rapper, but there’s just a little touch of hip-hop on the newly released album, Revival sounds more like a blend of pop and hip-hop, which is probably influenced by the current industry trends.

Guest appearance on the album includes Pink, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran. On the album, Eminem starts off slow, he becomes angry, he bursts into emotional swings, a catchy voiced hook sets in. Repeat, for the next 77 minutes. That is the rhythm you get when you listen to the album.


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