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DMX - Niggaz Done Started Something

DMX - Niggaz Done Started Something
Though we make sure to keep you up to date on current events, there are some of us who qualify as "old souls," to a degree. In that sense, Throwback Thursday is somewhat of a treat, given that we can revisit some formative bangers from an era long gone. Given that the legendary DMX has recently returned to the game, it seems only fitting to look back on an essential piece of hip-hop music, It's Dark And Hell Is Hot.

A classic of the genre, It's Dark toed the line between darkness and light, horror and spirituality, the first of X's back-to-back number ones. Though there are no shortage of bangers throughout the project, it's hard to resist the allure of "N***az Done Started Something," a posse cut bred from the streets of New York City. Featuring Mase and The Lox in a supporting role, the track finds each rapper leading the string-driven instrumental to the slaughterhouse. Healthy competition lies unspoken as each rapper goes to town, with Mase turning in a verse that makes you wonder what might have been, had the Lord not summoned him to a righteous cause.

In honor of DMX's release, be sure to relive this excellent piece of history. If you've ever wanted to see what X was capable alongside formidable emcees, "N***az Done Started Something" showcases his star pedigree like no other. The Ruff Ryders movement lives on.

I like p**sy, but not up in my face, so give me 3 feet
'Cause when we creep, no more than 3 deep, n***s see sheep
Bloodhounds found your shit buried in the mud
Following traces of gun powder, residue and blood
A positive ID is impossible, so you know
John Doe is what they gon' be putting on that tag on your toe
Now who gon' tell your mother, her baby's under a cover
In the morgue, stiff as a log, sniffed out by the dogs


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