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Osbe Chill - Yea Yea

Osbe Chill - Yea Yea
Baldwin Village music artist Osbe Chill scored a big hit play this past weekend releasing "Ball Game," his third solo album and counting.

Unlike most contemporary short attention spanned albums -- Ball Game is equipped with 19 pleasant tracks full of authentic and soulful storytelling depicted by melodic singing blended with an old-school yet fresh flow, which seemingly is contrary to hip-hop's now ubiquitous style of rap.

About a dozen of the songs are well crafted by Phonix Beats, a Grammy-nominated producer who is best known for making the beat to one of J. Cole's most notable songs to date "No Role Modelz" back in late 2014.

"I named this project Ball Game because in the streets we say 'play ball' when it's time to go to war," Osbe said. "I'm tryna kill everybody."

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