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Yung Mal - Juggernaut

Yung Mal - Juggernaut
The Alamo signee sounds hungrier with each track.

Yung Mal only recently started pursuing a solo career after splitting off from Lil Quill, but its proving fruitful already. He dropped his debut, Iceburg, back in August on Gucci Mane's Alamo Records and it may have been one of the most impressive of the year. It showcased his strength of spitting out short tracks that pack a whole lot of punch. It's been a common trend among many of the new cats that they drop projects and follow them up with more songs shortly after. Whether this is the result of a competitive market, the facility of sharing music or both, it has lead to a landscape of rappers whose hungers drive rapid improvement.

A few weeks ago, Yung Mal dropped "Started Acting Funny" and now he's giving us another track, "Juggernaut". The song's title comes from a witty play on words in the chorus: "Bankroll bigger than juggernaut, I got that rock like I'm Jigga now." The most addictive dimension of Mal's music is how his raps are both subdued and ferocious. On "Juggernaut", he's sputtering so quickly that he appears to be interrupting himself, but the bars pour out of him effortlessly and his voice barely rises above a whisper.

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