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Thutmose - I Need You

Thutmose - I Need You
Thutmose has given us plenty reason to anticipate the release of his latest EP, Don't Wake Me. His 2018 project, Man On Fire, was a strong assertion of his potential, but the singles he dropped this year showed him distilling his sound. The first single off the new EP was "Ambience". It's an enrapturing blend of all the worlds that Thutmose aims to weave together. Afrobeat accents are infused with soulful earnestness and pop sensibilities. This EP is more proof that his musical vision isn't too grand to execute.

The irresistible rhythm of afrobeat is most prominent on "In The Morning", which features fellow Nigerian star, Rema. The stomps and claps continue on the following track, "Memories", that makes use of lingering piano chords to deliver as moving of a chorus as "Ambience".

As if the musical ambitions of this project weren't impressive enough, there's also a concept running through it. As the title suggests - and the cover of Thutmose wrapped in gold satin sheets - the songs play on themes of sleep. Love is interlaced with drugs and dreams, so Thutmose is always fighting to maintain a hold on reality. The stunning clarity of the EP is evidence that he succeeded.
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