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Twinc - Who's Interested

Twinc - Who's Interested

"Driving back home after an evening service on the snowy Saturday night of January 20th, 2018, I listened keenly as a presenter on the radio narrated John 3:16. The word “whosoever” popped out to me like I was hearing that scripture for the first time.

It reinforced my understanding that, for love’s sake, Christ came to earth, lived for 33?2yrs, died and resurrected just to extend an invitation, not to religion, but to salvation through Him. Like any proper invitation, the response is not by coercion but strictly based on one’s interest for his/her soul; it is a CHOICE.

weaves through a summary of the fall of man and how God has reached down to save mankind and restore us to His original purpose – Eterna Life. It presents a case for salvation to every listener that is still suffering under the weight of the burden of sin, ignorance, religion, deceit, etc. It points all to the only way of escape, the only way out – JESUS CHRIST." - Ken Ohi


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