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Nancy Grace - Impossibility God

Nancy Grace - Impossibility God
Nancy Grace a prolific singer with the message of hope to the hopeless and downcast, releases her highly anticipated song titled… Impossibility God

In her words…

In a world where evil is ravaging the lives of many, Where men fight against each other and hatred is rampant amongst men, People backstab their brothers and friends, A world where many think that there is no hope because of what situations of life have made them go through.

When men have turned their backs on you, when people have told you that you will never make it in life, when life seems to be a palace of disease, a schedule of failure and exercises turn into futility, there is a God in heaven.

He is the consolation of Israel, the comforter, the Chief Cornerstone, and our refuge in times of trouble. He is a God who specializes in impossible things. Those things which men consider as impossible and difficult are the things that God does effortlessly.
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