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Sauti Sol - Mbozi Za Malwa ft. Bebe Cool

Sauti Sol - Mbozi Za Malwa ft. Bebe Cool
Award-winning Kenyan Afro-pop band, Sauti Sol, return with a s£nsat!onal new vibe titled "Mbozi Za Malwa". On this potential-hit song, they enjoy the feature of Ugandan prolific reggae maestro, Bebe Cool.

"Mbozi Za Malwa" is a latest urban spice that is capable of shutting down the African music circuit. This as the Sauti Sol boys makes it a blend of their stunning vocals with the ragga flavour in a way we've never really felt.

Sauti Sol are undeniable heavyweights having blessed music fans with such stunning efforts including "Live and Die In Afrika","Sura Yako", "Kuliko Jana", "Unconditionally Bae", and even their 2016 MI Casa-assisted "Tulale Fofofo".

Bebe Cool isn't a lightweight either; having scooped the Artist Of The Year Award a whopping three times at the prestigious HiPipo Music Awards. With such smash songs of his own including "African Gal", "Love You Everyday", "ByeByo", and "Teka Sente Wolaba"; the genius brings his magical touch to bare on "Mbozi Za Malwa".

Good news is the fact that Sauti Sol and Bebe Cool have commissioned a dance competition for Kenyan and Ugandan female fans over "Mbozi Za Malwa". Ladies, you can start grinding and grooving now for a chance to smile to the bank with Sh51,000 ($500).


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