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Zadira [completed] Season 1

Zadira [completed] Season 1

“Bright! ” he called out after closing the black gate behind him, Bright sitting on a bench with Ken., with just boxer and singlet.
“Michaeloooo, my guy” he got up and shake his friend, he asked him to join both of them in playing the ludo but he shake his head.
“I am here to take my biology note with me, don’t give me excuses like you ain’t done with it”
“No problem, sit with Ken let me go in and get it for you” he lied, he didn’t want to return the note ’cause he isn’t done with it, and the biology master has threatened them of serious punishment to those with incomplete note.
“See Michael, I like Angel, you fit arrange the babe for me?” Afer Michael has settled with him on the bench, Ken. asked. Angela a female friend to Michael.
“You should meet her yourself, am not your messenger” he retorted, he got up from the bench walk up to the house that Bright disapeared into.
“See Bright, open this door” when he turned the door knob and the door refused to open, he knock and call his friend’s name but no respond, on the other hand Bright is inside copying his note.
“I will talk to Angel if you will make, Bright open the door” afer he had knocked and got tired, he met Kennedy who has been watching the drama.
“You sure?” Ken. asked with big smile on his face, he imagine himself being the boyfriend of Angela who is beautiful and smart. Michael nodded in response, his eyes widen with great happiness, they both walk to the entrance door, Ken. Signaled him to hide beside the door.
“Bright, come out na lets continue our ludo, Michael don go” he said and waited for some minutes, the door knob turned, Bright pop his head to confirm if truly his friend is gone. after confirming they both march to where the bench is.
“Idiot!” Michael cursed under his breath, he went inside the large sitting room, pick his note on the table and returned back to were his friends are.

“Michael, am sorry, am not done with the note and it was the hand work of the devil” Michael didn’t reply him, he hissed and opened the gate then left afterward. Bright glared at Ken.

“Good afternoon, sir” Michael greeted the man who is busy reading from newspaper, with singlet and wrapper tied around his waist. At the entrance passage.

“Aahh.. my boy Michael, Angela is inside the house, you can go in and meet her” after he had adjusted his eye glass. Michael sighted the juice glass on the side table beside him and swalled, he hasn’t eaten since morning.
“No sir, my aunty sent me to your wife” he said.

“She isn’t yet back from Port Harcourt, go inside and wait for her” he thank him and went inside the house.

“Nonsense programme” she hissed and changed the channel, she has been doing that since she returned from school. The thought of Michael filled her mind, she didn’t understand why he rejected his proposal. She bite her nail.
“Angy!” He called out to her, immediately he step into the room, she ignored him and acted like someone who is interested in whatever is showing on the television.

“Jesus!” He shouted when he glance at the time on the wall clock, he would have gone home to prepare what to eat if his aunty didn’t asked him not to return home without what Angela mom is returning with from Port Harcourt.

“Help me Lord” he prayed, as he walk on the road that has no street light or tarred with heavy heart.he is so terrified as he hold the nylon on his hand and the book to his chest strongly.

“Stop there!” He ordered his victim, Michael nearly fall down due to fear of being robbed, he mind up ’cause if they left with what his aunty asked him to bring home with he is good as dead.
“Stop there!” He shouted after Michael who refused to stop, one of his guy jump out of the bush and push Michael down.
“Leave him alone” an angelic voice said behind them, she look so beautiful and grace with beads ad bracelets, she sU-Ck breath out of them ’cause of her beauty.

“Or what!” one of the thief removed his knife from his pocket smiling and walking towards the beautiful creature who is unmoved by his threat, the other thief give a light sq££ze to his c--k when the thought of rape cross his mind.

“Fight yourself” she ordered, her eyes color up with blood and her mouth moves with incoherent words. They both attack each other with venom of death, Michael quickly walk upto her.

“Who are you?” He asked, as he watch her in awe. he felt sorry for both thieves who are best of friends now fighting each other to death.

“Am Zadira, the princess of the Ikoro the spirit world” rumbling of thunder as she speaks, Michael took to his heels, she laughed and disappeared leaving the thieves who are not with their mind fighting against themselves.
“my Zadira”


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