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Romoke [completed] Season 1

Romoke [completed] Season 1
​********”Romoke! You are not getting anyyounger, a word is enough for the wise”. My mother rounded up her discussion for the third time, I stared hard at her and left her room.

Why would she keep on pestering my life on the issue of marriage, afterall it is God that gives husband, I hissed loudly and mounted the old stairs to my room.I was already late 30 minutes late for the evening service today. I quickly changed my top and grabbed a multi-colored scarf, I smothened my rumpled skirt with my palms and then grabbed my bible and rushed out of the room, almost colliding with my step-mother on the staircase I quickly mouthed a brief word of “sorry ma” and raced to my mother’s room but I could hear her hiss and say “omo iya” (useless child), it was a normal word from iya bisi my mother’s rival she never for once liked us especially me.“maami! ” I knocked again, what could shebe doing inside, I was still contemplating ifI should just barge into her room or not, when she opened the door slightly” kilode?” (what is it). It was as if maami was sweating and she had just her wrapper on, but who could be inside? Of course it cannot be Baba because he traveled to farm. Anyway that is not my business it’s maami’s life let her live her life.” What is it, you are disturbing me! ” she interrupted my thoughts and gave me a hard stare.” uhm-m, am going to the church, and I won’t be back till 7:30″“mtchewww……., go to wherever you like, you shameless girl. all your mates are getting married already pregnant for their last born and you are here going for different services about , it is that church that will ruin you! ” She said and jamed theold door at my face. But why was maami treating me like this, afterall am just 28 and am positive that God will surely do something new for me before the year runs out. I was still staring at the closed door before I realized that I was crying, I was downcast and discouraged to go to church when something in me said: “God will wipe away your tears”. Then I cleaned my tears and rushed to church by then it was already 6:30pm.My mother, Asake Ogunjobi is Baba’s 2nd wife, Baba (as my father is fondly called) has 6 wives, sometimes I even wondered how Baba sleeps with them and never getstired. (lol). Maami has 6 children, 5 girls and a boy, my elder ones were all married, leaving me and my naughty brother Ogunyemi.

My mother doesn’t believe in God, infact all my family members are ogun worshippers but my two elder ones are Muslims and the rest were ogun worshippers even my step-siblings but as for Ogunyemi, he is neutral he practiced none of the religions. So everyone in my house were free to practice any religion.I only finished my form five, passed all mypapers, went to secretariat school but could not further because maami wanted me to marry an old chief because of his money and Baba was not serious in sending me to school he would say “romoke, go and do what your mates are doing and bring food to my table”. At age 25 after I finished the school of secretariatstudies, I started the work of sweeping andcleaning houses for the rich people in my village, the last house help work I did got me into trouble and branded me an unquenchable name in the village even though I didn’t do it. The last work I did was in chief Abayomi ‘s house. Chief Abayomi and his son were always making love advances to me whenever I came for the day’ s job, then there was a day I was busy washing plates in the kitchen, when chief abayomi’s son grabbed me my boobs from behind, I was shocked, I quickly turned round to know who it was only to find my mouth covered in his mouth, and when I finally found the chance to push him off my body then I heard.“ahnahn….. Iwo omo yii ” (you this child) it was my madam’s voiceBut by the time I looked up, I was shocked to see that it was chief Abayomi’s son Ayo. I had not even completed my shock whenI heard another loud noise ” KPOWAI”!……. Only to find out that I was the one madam slapped,. Tears already formed in my eyes then I heard “if I see you near my son again….. I will break you”. I looked at myself again, was I that easy to break? Though am slim but not thin, am of average height, dark not too curvy but busy and I have an irresistible pink lips. But how could she break me?What if she knows about her darling husband’s advances? Then that means she would crush me then.

The episode between me and Ayo finishedthat day as I always avoided him but however my luck ran out when madam travelled, though I never lived the house, but I went everyday to work.

I was in their sitting room cleaning the floor when chief entered, he scanned the whole whole house, then he rushed to me and grabbed me like one has caught his prey “romoke baby, if you let me have you, I will buy you house, cars and everything you need”. I pushed him and tried running out of the sitting room, but he was fast enough to block me. “oga please don’t do this”….. He didn’t listen to me, he just kept advancing towards me like I was his prey, of course! I was his prey.! He grabbed me and was kissing me crushing me with his dammn lips, I tried pushing him but it was as if I was pushing a solid rock. Then suddenly I heard the door open, “ahh…………… Chief!!………. Daddy!!”.


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