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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) [completed] Season 2

Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) [completed] Season 2
Quote: Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. – C. S. Lewis

After dismissing Felix and I, Caius turns to Aro, his stance confrontational and his eyes still blinded by his lust for the Cullen’s blood. “Why do we stand here impotently in the face of such an outrages crime, covered by such a ridiculous deception?” He says viciously. I shake my head in disgust and I can feel a growl building in my chest dying to break through.

While I see Aro’s eyes narrow slightly, clearly a warning, at Caius’ words he speaks with his usual calm. “Because it’s all true. See how many witnesses they have gathered to give testimony that they have seen this miraculous child grow and mature in the short time they have known her. Felt the warmth of her blood that pulses in her veins. Not to mention a member of ours has felt her unique presence. Brother what the child’s origins are is no longer under debate.”

While I can see the undercut to his last statement Caius does not for at the mentioning of witnesses Caius forgets desire for death for a moment and glances at those near the forests edge. As he takes in the sight before him a small frown appears on his face and I see worry in his eyes. I follow his gaze and survey the individuals I helped to collect. No longer the mindless bloodthirsty mob from earlier I can see the looks of confusion and apprehension in their faces. Many are huddled slightly closer together as they exchanged whispered words about the scene before them. I didn’t need Edward’s gift to know what they’re thinking or to hear the doubt spreading like wildfire among them. A small smile appears on my face as I realize Aro’s need for an audience is slowly beginning to backfire. Eroding away with every minute we are here.

Caius seems to think deeply for a few seconds before declaring clearly. “The werewolves.” His face contorts with anger and rage at these words as he once again informs the world of his utter hatred for them. However, even I can see the blunder behind his statement. If what I witnessed is any indication then the Quileute’s are most definitely not werewolves, though I do not pretend to know what they are.

I see Aro grimace slightly at this claim. “Ah brother…” Caius cuts him off though I was almost certain that Aro wished to correct his assumptions.

“Will you defend that alliance too? The children of the moon have been our bitter enemies from the dawn of time.” He says loudly. He is such a drama queen that it isn’t even funny. “We have hunted them near extinction in Europe and Asia. Yet Carlisle encourages a familiar relationship with this enormous infestation to possibly try and overthrow us and to protect his warped lifestyle. We should deal with them now and swiftly.” He shifted his gaze to me and sneered. “And since Anna is so proficient at it I say we let her take care of it personally.” He says coldly but loud enough so everyone could hear and grinned malevolently at me knowing how much I hated my part in his last massacre. This time I couldn’t hold back my growl as it ripped through my chest. I stared at him imaging over a hundred ways to end his miserable life and I felt my body angle slightly forward. I wished I could get just ten seconds alone with him, the thought almost made me giddy. Felix removed his hand from my grasp and wrapped it casually around my waist though I could feel him holding me in place.

“Not here, just ignore it.” Felix whispers in my ear, tightening his grip around me again. I took a deep breath, my eyes never wavering from Caius’ but nodded.

While I stood there seething with hatred Caius turned his attention back to Aro and I noticed Aro’s eyes were full of pity and embarrassment when he looked at his brother. Before he can speak, however, I hear Edward clear his throat and my attention shifted to him. “Caius, it’s the middle of the day.” He gestures to the sun, obscured by the clouds but clearly dominating the sky overhead. “These are not children of the moon and bear no relation to your enemies on the other side of the world.” He said calmly though I could see the amusement in his face at knocking Caius’ pathetic excuse to initiate a fight.

Caius lips pull back and expose his teeth while he first surveys the wolves and then Renesmee. “You breed mutants here.” His eyes are deadly as her continues to melt a hole into the little girls face with his glare. I can see Edward and Bella’s eyes glaze over with pure hatred and anger at these words about their child but they do not act on it. They know such a thing would not be beneficial for them. They are two of the strongest people I know, I don’t know if I could do that if I was in their position.

“They aren’t even werewolves. Aro can tell you all about it if you don’t believe me.” Edward responds calmly though I can hear a trace of triumph in his words.

“Dear Caius, I would have warned you not to press this point if you had told me your thoughts.” Aro chided gently but I could hear the subtle annoyance there. Caius’ impatience to find a crime to convict them of has led to an embarassing blunder on his part, reflecting upon the entire guard and Aro. “Though these creatures think of themselves as werewolves they are not. The more accurate term would be shape-shifters and the choice of a wolf form is purely chance. It could have been a bear, panther or hawk when the original transformation was made. They inherit this from their ancestors, it is genetic. They do not continue their species by infecting others the way true werewolves do.” I had listened intently throughout his speech and I couldn’t deny I found it very interesting. The mystery of what they were had been there at the back of my mind for months and there’s nothing like a nagging mystery to keep you up at night, well if I slept.

Aro looked at his brother, almost daring him to make a retort to what he just said. I can see both resentment and frustration mark Caius’ features as he stares at Aro. He definitely never expected Aro to so blatantly undermine him in front of such company. Caius was feeling the sting of betrayal and was clearly not handling it well. After a few seconds he speaks. “They know our secret.”

I snorted. “He doesn’t know when to quit does he?” I ask rhetorically, so quiet that I doubt anyone heard me. Pathetic has most definitely been personified in the white haired creature before me.

“They are creatures of the supernatural world, brother. Perhaps even more dependent upon secrecy than us; they can hardly expose us.” His tone is even but I feel it is leading somewhere. He looks at Caius and his eyes harden. “Carefully, Caius. Specious allegations get us no where.” They stare at each other for a moment sharing a silent conversation. Caius quickly realizes what Aro can’t verbally say. To stop beating around the push and find a more affective means to condemn the people before them, to get what they want. Caius takes a deep breath and gives Aro a small nod as he drops the issue. For what must be the millionth time today I can’t help but wonder, what are you planning now?

I can almost see a new wheel click into place as Caius quickly announces, “I want to talk to the informant.” His eyes focus once again on the blonde vampire a few yards away as she once again gazes painfully at her sisters. I couldn’t help but blink several times in confusion. What on earth would he need Irina for now? My eyes automatically go to Felix’s face but he just shrugs ever so slightly, clearly just as confused as me but clearly not as worried.

Irina has clearly once again retreated within herself, oblivious to his summoning. “Irina.” He says sharply, his voice dripping with disdain. She startles as she finally fixes her gaze upon him, her eyes filled with anxiety, dread and caution. He snaps his fingers and she hurries to his side but is uncoordinated in her fright. He merely stares at her for a moment and I can see he enjoys her pain as he looks down upon her. “Well it appears you were mistaken in your allegations.” He says calmly…too calmly. He was planning something but I couldn’t think what.
Irina trembles and surprises me when she manages to speak. “I’m sorry. I should have made sure of what I was seeing.” D--n straight I think angrily. “But I had no idea…” she trails off as her hand carefully gestures to Renesmee and Bella.
“Dear Caius, could you expect her to have guessed something so strange possible?” Aro adds lightly and frankly I’m surprised he interfered at all. Though he does make a point, this was certainly nothing I could have ever dreamed up. “Any one of us would have made the same assumption.” He states simply. He seems to be unaware of where Caius is headed with this inquisition but I know very well how good of an actor he is.

Caius silences him quickly and continues as if Aro had not interrupted him. “We all know you made a mistake. I mean to speak of your motivations.”
“What the hell does that have to do with any of this?” I mutter darkly, crossing my arms. Caius gives me a deadly stare before ignoring me and turning back to Irina. Irina’s eyes seem to convey exactly what I just said as she looks at the ancient before her.
“My motivations?” She asks confused as a frown plasters itself on her face.

I can see a smile slowly creeping its way onto his face as he replies. “Yes, for coming to spy on them in the first place.” Irina flinches at his choice of words and her eye brows pull together. The way he was staring at her I got the impression of a predator corning his prey and toying with them as they stand there helplessly. However, the misery and torment on her face tells me that she truly is sorry for what she has done. However it cannot be reversed unfortunately. While it is harsh the saying Too little too late came to mind.

When she does not speak Caius presses on. “You were unhappy with the Cullen’s were you not?” He asks and while he made it sound innocent enough I can partially see where he may be going with this.


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