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Adventures of Tanaboy Season 1

Adventures of Tanaboy Season 1
It was on the eleventh day of August 2018, the sun shorn brightly, looking up to the sky there wasn’t any trace of cloudiness, everywhere was bright
Strolling down the express of Nkpor near Nkpor junction with my friend Hilary, gisting and laughing out loud happily
Getting close to pax pharmacy located near Nkpor junction police post, I sighted a girl coming out from the pharmacy
She was wearing a yellow top and a blue jean trouser and a yellow footwear which marched her fair skin………….

Saying she was beautiful was understatement, she was naturally endowed with big butty and boobs, with a round face and an average height
I stood transfixed for a spot watching the beauty before me, osculating my eyes in every movement she makes
Hilary – Guy what are you looking at that diverts your attention all of a sudden, I was un able to speak any would I just managed to point my hand to the girl….

Hilary – Chai this girl is damn beautiful he exclaimed with a loud voice drawing much attention to were we are
Me – guy this is the most beautiful girl I have seen this year, do you know what we are going for her
Hilary – yes you are right we can’t let such a beautiful girl swift of our fingers
As we were still deciding either to follow her or not, she suddenly stopped a tricycle ( keke ) and entered
I found myself rushing and shouting at the keke man to stop he stopped looking at our direction curiously…………

Luckily for us the it was two seats left…….

Keke man – were una wan go ?
Me – stylishly looking at the girl…… Erm erm we are going to up iweka
Keke man – sorry am going to akwa road
Me – as a guy man I didn’t want to fall my hand, I have decided to get the girl either by fire or by force…….. Oh sorry I made a mistake we are going to akwa road also
Keke man – he observed me keenly with a questioning look…… Una money na #100
Me – entering immediately, no problem we will pay
My friend whispered to me…… Guy were are we going to ?

I just signaled him with my fingers to keep mute he shrugged and kept mute
The keke zoomed off with a speed of light


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