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A fight for love - Season 1 - Episode 4
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“Jane POV

I was really happy because I and Jessica resumed today , though I resumed yesterday but the joy that we both came to school together was so great.
yesterday I really missed her.

we were still chatting while coming but immediately we entered the school building the first person we saw was Albert..
God!!! why can’t he just disappear…
the truth be said ..whenever I see him , my heart always skipped and I don’t know the reason.

I noticed Jessica face the moment she saw Albert..

though her expression I can’t really say but it look like they have eye to eye contact , and the look on Jessica is kinda confusing, she wasn’t staring at him like someone she really hates but I don’t just understand.
And looking at Albert, is like he was staring at me and not Jessica…

” wait am I the only one who noticed it or Jessica also did???

I just couldn’t take it anymore..immediately I tap Jessica shoulder
“common let’s go now…I said and we left.

” Jessica POV

while staring at Albert the other time, I noticed he wasn’t looking at me but st Jane..
“but why??
what does he really wants?
and also I can’t hide the fact that I was jealous when I caught him staring at Jane , I just hope that what am thinking doesn’t happen..

” common Jessica… Jane is your Bestie, stop thinking that way…my subconscious snapped at me.

“but the fact is that there is something in that Albert looks or does it have to do with yesterday incident..

” d--n it ..why did I miss yesterday…
its all mom’s fault And also Danny..


we were in the class when mr Frank entered..
he announced to us that the school social activities program will soon commence and this time the are gonna fix people into different social clubs and groups…


Every year , I and Jane always get to work together in the same group except for last year when Jane audition for the drama club but the members were filled already , so she remained in the music club…I just pray nothing changes this year…

I can’t wait to take the solo this year also…it always feels good when I lead.


One week after resumption… everything was going on smoothly… then the list for the social activities program came out..
every other club list is out except for the drama club list..

I and Jane together checked the list , I found my name was on the music club list…and I was so happy , we also try to find Jane name but it wasn’t there , even the other lists that came out…

that was really weird but Jane seems happy
“oh my god…that means am gonna be in the drama club this year…Jane exclaimed
” yea…that’s true…I said but not with happiness
“hey …why are u sad…Jane asked
” nothing its just that we won’t be in the same club this year…i said
“common best that doesn’t mean anything… you ought to be happy for me because am finally gonna be in my dream club… Jane said

And that’s true…Jane actually live acting than singing …that’s not the problem , the problem is ????

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