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Aduke - Season 1 - Episode 44
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What looks to be nothing, finally becomes everything, and what is everything finally changes into nothing.. that’s life.

All day long and I can still hear the whispers of love from all coordinate, the message from lust doesn’t need a whisper, they came directly to me sound and clear.
So far there’s a breath within…life continues. I set my problems aside and continue living my life since problem are tends to happen, it’s just like getting sick, you can’t promise anyone you won’t get sick again. The sickness will just come uninvited, so is what we call problem. Knowing what to do and overcoming it is what matters. Well in my own case, I don’t know what to do, so I choose to do nothing.
I won’t stop opening up a book just because a chapter annoyed me, just because Daenerys mother of dragons destroy kings landing doesn’t mean I should stop watching Game of thrones, just because I have a complicated life doesn’t mean I should stop living.

Once in a while I felt like enjoying the sweetness of life, at least just to make myself happy.

I felt like going to chicken republic to have some expensive dish and drinks but the money I have with me wasn’t enough, so I head to the ATM post around the evening time to withdraw some cash.

It was quiet a long queue at the ATM post and also very annoying. Some stupid folks kept pushing themselves ignorantly and some baboons kept arguing on whom to use the ATM machine first. All this mixed together makes me wanna leave the ATM for a POS (point of sale).

While I’m still deciding whether to leave or not, the person infront of me was pushed backward which affected my equilibrium. I noticed I step on something but I didn’t know it was someone not until the person tap my shoulder lightly.

” hey you are standing on my toes ” that came from a sweet feminine voice.
I stood there looking at her beauty, speechless, static and maybe dumb at that moment. I never thought I’ve seen someone has beautiful as her ever since I came to Akungba.

One thing that caught me staring at her motionless was the fact that she isn’t on make up and yet her beauty radiate the atmosphere.
” hello can you hear me? I said you are standing on my toes, you are hurting me ” she let out like a kid who is about to cry.
When I heard this, my brain came back to normal.

“I’m…i.. I’m really sorry ” I apologized then I bend low to dust off the little sands off her sandal.
” No that’s not neccesary ” she said as she drew back her leg.
” no let me do it ” I said trying to dust off the sand but she didn’t let me.
” you don’t have to do that I’m fine, leave it ” she said. I stood up and look back at her, I guessed she has noticed the way I’m looking at her so she look shyly away. I searched for words to say to her, but I don’t know where went my vocabulary. So I turned back without saying anything to her, but I still feel like talking to her but I just don’t know how to start. And that’s very wired and strange for Aweedy.

I kept looking back occasionaly at her and sometimes I intermittently took longer before taking off my eyes. I think she got irritated with the way I’m doing so she went to sit on some demarcation blocks not too far from where I’m standing.

Blessed are the beautiful’s for they shall be disturbed and also, blessed are the ugly’s for they shall not be disturbed.
Where she sat down, a guy came to her and beginning to talk to her. I know his intentions, but I’m feeling jealous where I stood. That could be me, but no it’s not me. I just stood there burning with jealousy.

I observed her for a while (PSY 401) then I noticed that she didn’t feel like talking to the guy, her looks, her mode of response everything shows that she didn’t want the guy attention. But the he-goat never stop, instead he kept throwing her several questions.

She seems like a bird in need of a rescue, so I took up the rescuing mission.

She saw me approaching her and she gave some kind of tired looks which I interpreted as “here comes another one ” (PSY 302).
I approached her, look at the guy first as if I have a quarrel with him then I return my gaze back to her.

“emmm… Aduke why don’t you go and use the ATM now, I’m the next on the queue ” I said. I didn’t know her name so I just use the name that came right into my head that moment which was Aduke.

She smiled at me for the first time and… I can’t help but to smile back.
“thank you ” she said as she head for the ATM machine.

” I’ll wait for you here… ” that came from the guy that was talking to her before. But I quickly cut in, he got me to deal with now.
” What for? ” I cut in with a question.
“And how’s that your business ” he threw back with a frowned face.
” oh…Actually my business is to enlighten a fool” I replied calmly.
“And who’s the fool here ?” he questioned.

“wrong question, the right question should be how may I help you to stop being foolish ” I threw back.
” you don craze na your mama be fool ” he fired back.
” well you won, cos it only a fool that will insult someone else mother, you are more than a fool at 40″ I said defected then I turned to leave. I found out that the girl has gone, well I can’t be too dissapointed. I smile back to myself as I rejoin the queue. At least I got him Occupied not to notice her departure. So if I’m not going to have her, neither will he.
I withdrawed the cash then I head for a wine store to get a good wine, I’m sure that they won’t have the brand of wine that I want at the chicken republic so I get it on the way myself before going to the chicken republic.
I got to the chicken republic and ordered for a pounded yam with some crazy encouragement which includes polo, dried fish, and so on.

I was told to wait for a while, so I sat myself down. One of the attendant saw me with a wine so she brought two glasses of cups.
I wondered why she brought two cups whereas I’m the only one present at the table to drink the wine. Maybe she also want to drink. I put the wine on the table expecting her to come over for a glass of wine but she didn’t, it was as if she didn’t remember giving me two cups.

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