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Aduke - Season 1 - Episode 48
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Sometimes we find ourselves in situations we never for once imagined. Like kicking the snow at summer, unbearable I’m surprised as you are.

I was sitting on my bed with great confusion, how could she be so daft to bring her mother to me, Or having her mother as an alliance solve the whole issue?.

I’ve learnt something in life, and that’s how to let my No be No and my yes be yes. I still don’t know what will make me change my mind towards jummy.
“my son, my daughter came to me with tears saying you broke her heart, please whatever that might happen between the two of you, please forgive her. She love you ” her mother said.

I wasn’t taught to disrespect an elder, so I gave her mom the best respect that I can.
” I’m sorry to break this to you, jummy and i are never getting back together, we never were. Didn’t she tell you what happened? ” I threw out.

” she told me that you broke up with her because of a little misunderstanding and I’m here to settle it so that you two can be back together again ” she replied.
I looked straight at jummy wandering the kind of lie she cooked for her mom.
” I guess she didn’t tell you the truth and beside she’s been lying to you all this while…about the proposal, I never propose to her. Check her fingers, check mine, there is no promise ring ” I said showing her my hand.
” and also, the only reason why I was with her at the first place was because of a pregnancy…A pregnancy that was never there. She lied to me about being pregnant and I found out that it’s all a lie. I’m sorry Ma, I can’t be with someone that lay down a relationship on a foundation of lies. It over between us and there’s nothing that will make me change that. No matter what you say or no matter what anyone will say. I’m never getting jummy back into my life. With all due respect, I think I want to be alone ” I said then I point at the door for them.

Jummy came begging at me on her knees with some forced out tears coming down her eyes. I ignored her, then I saw her mom doing the same too.

I’ve never been in that kind of situation in my life, both mother and daughter begging me. So I decided it best I excuse myself away from them.

” I’m sorry you didn’t offend me and if you think you do, I’ve forgiven you. But that won’t change anything, we are still as good as a goodbye ” I said then I excuse myself away.

I head outside and then took a bike to marvelous place. I met her with a bottle of red label dancing to a song by cardi B, she was half naked with only a bra and a tight on. I guessed that’s her way of catching fun as I choose not to interrupt her.

I sat down on the bed enjoying the music coming from the sound system when I caught sight of a bottle of creamed Brandy.
“oh yeah! What do we have here, yeah… this is making sense ” I said as I grab the bottle. I opened it then I helped myself with some beautiful taste. I looked at marvelous she was dancing just like a stripper.
She reduced the music volume then she walk up to me like Nicki Minaj.
” wanna join me in the dance ” she asked sexily as she bite her lips slowly.
“No ” I declined. ” I’ll sit right here with my friend ” I said as I show her the bottle of brandy that I’m drinking.
“since we’ve been dating, we never have something mutual, if you are thinking that I’m a virgin… I’m not ” she said then she kiss me deeply without stopping. I broke off the kiss after a while, she seems to be turned on by the alcohol she is drinking, and I hate being the only one left out so I increase the volume of the music. Then grab my brandy bottle and swallow enough in my stomach, not all (when I did not want to craze) but enough to get me very tipsy. I drag her up to dance with me since it will take a minute before I’ll start seeing the reaction. But nevertheless, I’m still drinking. She seems to love the act as she grab her own bottle of red label. It seems we are dancing to cardi B album. A song from cardi B rolled in “I like it ”

” I say I like it like that !!!” we both echoed to the chorus.
She gave me some waist twisting and also some bad tweaking that woke up the devil in me.

I grabbed her ass then I fire some undecided kiss on her lips. Her response was far more like a pro as I turned to be the one trying to catch up with the kissing.

She pushed me forcefully on the bed then I watched as she unhook her bra and also as she pull down her tight, leaving her completely naked.
” oh my… Bitches of Madagascar ” I muttered slowly.

Her breast were standing firm and her p---y down below was clean shaven like Asa akira p---y.

She have a flat stomach like Allesia Cara and her hips could drive a beginner crazy.
I felt my d--k rising up like a werewolf transforming to a wolf at a full moon.
She stood there looking at me and I guess she want me naked. So without wasting time I undressed myself then I invite her over.
” how do we start? ” I asked. She looked down at me then she place her breast in my mouth.

” follow my lead ” she said then she press it more harder on my lips to sU-Ck.

I used my years of experience and my knowledge of expertise to handle her two standing breast which seems be very intriguing.

sU-Cking wasn’t enough so I fumbled, sq££ze, rough-and-tumble her breast with the aim of making it fall and soft but it didn’t work out, it remain standing like the EPL title.
” all what you did on my breast with your mouth, I want thesame on my p---y ” she said slowly to me.

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