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Aduke - Season 1 - Episode 49
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I processed what she said clearly then I move below to show her p---y some sU-Cking hell.
Her p---y was as tight as a 10 years old girl p---y. Well we have different types of p---y, not all p---y are the same some p---y will look like a 70 naira Bread bend and press together while some will look like the long shopprite bread bend with a curve and their p---y length will be as long as a Go-TV remote. Sometimes too wide to feel the presence of a d--k….that’s why they love long d--k.

The p---y looks like the human lips, so to give the best blow job to a woman, just turn it to a lips and then give it a French kiss which involves the pulling out of tongue and the exchange of silver. But this time you’ll be exchanging silver for p---y cream. Position your tongue frequently at the edge of her p---y, the upper one and just follow ur s£[email protected] urge, If the lady didn’t let lose of some crazy shit talk, Then I’m not oko Adesewa.

Marvellous wanted to act strong at first, but when I balance the first equation on her p---y. She let off her guide as she began rapping like Rick Ross.

My d--k is dancing for a penetration, but I kept reminding him that the patient dog eat the biggest bone or is it the largest?

Some dude will just go into the glory hole just because they are being controlled by the craze fellow inbetween their laps.
Some will even get their d--k scratched by some p---y tools and factors (could be too hairy p---y or unwet p---y, both hairy and unwet can be dangerous) due to the fact that they want to force their way in when the door is yet to be opened. Which clearly won’t benefit the two of them, it will be a painful process for the lady and the Ebonite rod might get injured, but not broken and if it broke… Lobatan of Mexico. (Tie ba e)

After giving her p---y the best shot, I resquted for a little favor. I want a mouth action on my d--k too. I was dissapointed when the response came.
” I’ve not done it before, I don’t know if I can do it ” she mumbled.

And if she said she doesn’t know how to do it, don’t force her and don’t turn to a teacher just because you want your d--k s----d. If you should go ahead and force her and she press down the incisor teeth on your d--k or she position your d--k among the molars and premolars …(Aye e baje)
But you can risk it by asking her to give it a try, it always feel good having a head.
I looked down at marvelous then I said to her.
” just imagine you are licking a lolly pop ”
She nodded them she grab my d--k, then she put it slowy in her mouth.
” that’s it, keep going ” I muttered when I discovered that she’s doing it right. she s----d my d--k satisfactory for 10 minutes and I could grade her C, because it her first.
” I want the d--k now ” she whispered slowy to me. I look at her then smile.
” ladies first ” I said.
She climbed on me and sat steadily on my d--k in a slowy motion.

I felt both the warmness and tightness of her p---y, Believe me it was great.

She moved up and down my d--k in the velocity of 20km/h converting to speed will have distance (jump) over time taking which gives us a new unit in meter per seconds…

I’m too h---y to do the calculation.

She was jumping on my d--k so high and low that her ass kept kicking my balls. It got to some point I began wondering if she’s a gym supervisor or a heavy weight champion cos she seems too fit and strong. I even look down to check if she’s really jumping down on my d--k or maybe she’s just jumping. That was when I realized… Red label is a bastard.

I also want to show forth the power of my brandy so I turned her over in a missionary position spreading her Northwest and Northeast at an angle of 315° and 45° respectively.

I drilled down the already creamy p---y then I bang both in and out in a tremedious way.
She loved being d!cked down and I hate to stop. I kept on f-----g her tirelessly for almost an hour, I was covered with sweat even under a running fan.

I was expecting her to beg me before I release but it seems she won’t say the word please.

I changed position to doggy with the determination for her to beg me. But when I heard the word please, it came in another way.

” please don’t pull out, just c-m inside me ” she muttered.
I know this feeling when a lady tell a guy to c-m inside her. The guy will feel happy, Like a prisoner set free from prison, he will stop f-----g with Sperm calculations, and also he will increase his f-----g tempo so as to c-m faster. He would want to fill her p---y with his c-m.

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